SLIPKNOT’s Original 1995 Demos Surface Online!

SLIPKNOT’s 1995 Demos Surface Online!

SLIPKNOT has already revealed that they will be releasing 2008 All Hope Is Gone outtakes, called Look Outside Your Window, in the next year or so, but it also appears the band’s very first demos from 1995 have made their way online. These demos were made with former vocalist Anders Colsefni.

Yesterday, a 12-minute video was uploaded to YouTube with the songs by a user named Black Heart, but it has since been removed over copyright infringement. The songs on the demo included “Some Feel,” “Fur,”, “Tattered and Torn” and “Part of Me”

Corety Taylor wouldn’t join the group until 1997 with the description of the since taken down video reading

“This is the original demo which was given by Paul [Gray] to a close friend. After owning the demo for 20+ years, that friend sold the demo in 2018. Without Paul’s friend, aka Jubil Lee, chances are this demo would have never seen the light of day.”

GUNS N’ ROSES Kick Off Their First Show of 2020 and Here’s What We Can Expect

GUNS N’ ROSES are kicking off 2020 with their first show of the year in Miami, Florida at the American Airlines Arena as part of the Super Bowl Music Festival. The Festival of course coincides with the Super Bowl this weekend that sees the Kansas City Chiefs square off against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. GUNS N’ ROSES have SNOOP DOGG opening for them tonight and here’s what I think we’ll see tonight.

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  1. Shorter Setlist – If history is any indication, then we know the opening date of any Guns N’ Roses tour or one-off show is usually a shorter concert. It’s pretty obvious that frontman AXL ROSE doesn’t properly rehearse or appear in shape for the first show of any leg of the tour. Just look at Berlin 2018 or Rock in Rio 2017. Those were awful shows and don’t expect tonight’s show to be any different. Some people may say, why are you being negative? Well I don’t drink the kool-aid that Team Brazil feeds a lot of it’s “die-hard” fans who will never speak ill of the band. Let’s call a spade a spade.
  2. No New Songs – I’ll admit that the band’s tour last fall was a tiny bit more exciting than previous treks as we saw “Dead Horse” and “Locomotive” added to the set, but that was basically it. Don’t expect anything earth shattering tonight. Shorter setlist = no new songs and plenty of covers for everyone!
  3. Pro-Shot Footage – There maybe some pro-shot footage as I’m sure some news stations will be covering the concert and festival in general. I have heard that SNOOP DOGG’s performance will be partially covered by news stations and pro-shot footage will be revealed at least according to the MyGNRForums.
  4. Lots of Mickey Mouse From AXL ROSE – If you’ve been following the band on their Never Ending in This Lifetime Tour or “NOT IN THIS LIFETIME TOUR” then you’d know Mickey Mouse is alive and well in AXL ROSE’s voice. We may see a few small moments of rasp, but expect lots of Mickey tonight especially during “You Could Be Mine,” and “Rocket Queen” and “Civil War.”