MEGADETH’s DAVE MUSTAINE Gives Update on Cancer

MEGADETH’s DAVE MUSTAINE Gives Update on Cancer

Last June when MEGADETH frontman and guitarist DAVE MUSTAINE revealed that he was diagnosed with throat cancer he was already undergoing treatment. He’s currently on tour with MEGADETH opening for FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH. During a recent gig in London on Friday (January 31) the frontman told the crowd he was “100 percent free of cancer” and talked a bit about his treatment schedule.

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Following DAVE MUSTAINE’s cancer announcement last June the band scrapped it’s 2019 tour dates while the frontman underwent treatment, but they were able to start recording material for a new album. It would be their follow-up to 2016’s “Dystopia.”

He would also go on to tell the audience:

“About a year ago, we were working on our new album back in Franklin, Tennessee, and I started to feel some pain. I went to the doctor and he said, ‘Dave, you have cancer.’ And I went, ‘Expletive! I have cancer.’ And I was so shocked.”

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Recalling his initial reaction Mustaine added,

“At first, I thought, ‘Am I afraid?’ And then I said, ‘No. I’m pissed.’ We stopped the record – we stopped everything. I went into treatment for cancer.”

He would add that his treatment involved 51 rounds of radiation and nine chemotherapy sessions.

“When it was all said and done, every day I would think, ‘I can’t face not playing again,’ so I would pray,” he told the crowd. I know a lot of you guys know that I pray. I say that in ‘Peace Sells.’ I pray every day. I say that in the song. I’ve said it since the second record.”

Mustaine went on to thank fans for their support saying

“But I thought about you guys every day, too. And I thought about my family. And I got this power from you guys. And I just kept thinking about it.””On October 16, I went to go see the doctor, and he said, ‘You’re 100 percent free of cancer.'”

Megadeth’s European tour supporting Five Finger Death Punch wraps up on Feb. 20. See the remaining stops here. It’s been an exciting run for the band, who also welcomed Mustaine’s daughter Electra onstage to sing “A Tout Le Monde” at an earlier stop in France.

In addition to an eventual new record, fans can look forward to Mustaine’s forthcoming book, Building the Perfect Beast, which recounts the story of making the revered Rust in Peace record. Look for that to be released later in the year.