MARGOT ROBBIE Names SLIPKNOT & METALLICA As “Bands That Know How to Rock”

MARGOT ROBBIE Names SLIPKNOT & METALLICA As Bands That “Know How to Rock”

Actress, MARGOT ROBBIE appeared on JIMMY FALLON The Tonight Show on Tuesday Night and played a game called Know It All where she had to go back and forth and name as many things as they could in a category. Some of the categories included herbs and spices, Swedish architects and rock bands. For the Rock Bands round they had to name bands that “know how to rock.” MARGOT ROBBIE named AEROSMITH, SLIPKNOT and METALLICA. JIMMY FALLON named GUNS N’ ROSES, AC/DC, KISS and THE BEATLES. Check out the segment below!

MARGOT ROBBIE was on the show to promote her new movie, Birds of Prey, which spins off her Harley Quinn Expletive Squad character, comes out tomorrow  (Feb. 7).

METALLICA and SLIPKNOT have a busy year ahead of them including five upcoming music festivals. You can see METALLICA’s tour dates here and SLIPKNOT’s dates  here.