TV Show Reveals How They Animated GUNS N’ ROSES Frontman AXL ROSE


In a newly released video from LOONEY TUNES they revealed how they animated GUNS N’ ROSES frontman AXL ROSE. Check it out below!

AEROSMITH Was The First Major Label Band To Put a Song Online

Back in 1994, AEROSMITH did something that a lot of people forgot about. During that year AEROSMITH put up one of their outtakes from their 1993 album “Get a Grip” online for download. The song was called “Head First.” While unsigned bands were able to already do this, AEROSMITH was the first band to do this. We take a look at this historical event in rock n’ roll history. Check it out below!

2012’s iHeartRadio Music Festival GREEN DAY Performance Was Epic to Say the Least!

GREEN DAY would be one of the few Rock Band’s who performed at 2012’s iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas and at the time the band was promoting a trio of albums that were coming out one month apart including “Uno”, “Dos” and “Tre!” During GREEN DAY’s set the band was notified they had to leave the stage in a few minutes and frontman BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG completely lost it and went on an expletive laden rant before leaving the stage. He would end up in rehab and apologize for the performance. We take a look at that epic moment in rock history below!

Tomorrow see’s the release of GREEN DAY’s latest record “Father of All…..”. GREEN DAY recently revealed that their latest record “Father Of All…..” has little to nothing to do with current US President DONALD TRUMP. 

In a new interview with Spin

GREEN DAY’s BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG said that their upcoming record would be “too obvious” to comment on DONALD TRUMP. The frontman said he wanted to make GREEN DAY’s music more “danceable” telling the publication

“Yeah, I think this whole record the point was to make GREEN DAY more dancable,So songs like ‘Meet Me on the Roof‘ or ‘Father of All,’ those are the two songs I think of…”

“The first video we made for this we were showing all of these different images of people dancing, whether it was kids break dancing or kids doing a ‘wall of death’ [mosh] and just sort of that common natural instinct with beats that make people want to move.”

Asked why the band didn’t want to do something similar to what we saw on 2004’s standout record “American Idiot”, Armstrong replied by saying

“There’s so much toxic stuff in the ether right now I didn’t want to write songs that would contribute to that. So, for us, it was like, ‘Okay, instead of doing some opus or something like that, let’s find a new direction we haven’t gone into.’”

GREEN DAY hits the road for the “Hella Mega Tour” this summer with FALL OUT BOY and WEEZER. Buy concert tickets here.