VAN HALEN Star Reacts to AXL ROSE Diss

Axl Rose


Former VAN HALEN singer SAMMY HAGAR posted a photo of himself with comedian CARROT TOP and responded to a fan’s comment about the comedian looking like AXL ROSE of GUNS N’ ROSES. Check out the exchange below along with the picture. The caption wrote:

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“Running through some photos from the last few weeks, holy what a night this was in Vegas @guyfieri birthday no less. @stratvegas @carrottoplive @rickspringfield #justthebeginning #sammysbeachbarrum #santotequila #staytuned.” He added, “Be careful what you say about Mr. C top. He’s buffed he’s funny, and he could kick some but If necessary👊👊👊👊😂.”

Cammo5150 replied, “Geez axl rose has leaned up, must be the hipster veganism getting around in rock these days.” Hagar responded with a crying laughing emoji, “😂.”

sammy hagar
sammy hagar and carrot top


Fashionista and radio host, EDDIE TRUNK recently revealed on his SiriusXM Show “Trunk Nation” that AEROSMITH drummer JOEY KRAMER privately called him and wanted to discuss why he isn’t currently playing with the band. He said the following:

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 A week and a half ago JOEY[KRAMER] called me personally and asked me to come on my volume show where he wanted to discuss and reveal what was going on. Although that would have been a great radio moment for me, I also care about the guy and wanted to give him the opportunity to really think about it before he went off about the situation. So I suggested to JOEY KRAMER that he wait through the weekend and through the Grammys and see how he felt on the other side of that before he went public on a national radio show and he agreed that was a good idea. Since then we know that Joey showed up at both events but did not play.

I have reached out to Joey and told him now if he’d like to come on and say something given that he went to the events and how he feels about it I would welcome to come on the show and give his thoughts. I have yet to hear from him about it. My understand is AEROSMITH either started up or about to start up doing the Vegas thing again. My understanding is in speaking to some people backstage at MusicCares that they were gonna give Joey another chance to rehearse with them while they were in Vegas and if they felt that he was playing at a level capable enough to play a full show then he would rejoin the band. If they didn’t feel he was up to par and unable to play a full show I guess they would figure it out from there.