GUNS N’ ROSES, METALLICA & SLIPKNOT Are YouTube’s Biggest Rock Bands!

YouTube Reveals Biggest Rock Bands On the Platform

It was revealed this week who the biggest musical artists and rock bands are on the platform. To no one’s surprise METALLICA and SLIPKNOT topped the list along with QUEEN and GUNS N’ ROSES. While METALLICA fans will have to wait a bit longer for the return of JAMES HETFIELD, they can take solace in today’s news.

That being said, of course the YouTube Music Chart is dominated by horrible pop music including Roddy Rich (45.6 million views this week) with the Top 10 being rounded out by from Eminem (34.8M), Lil’ Wayne (28.8M), and Billie Eilish (27.7M). Now these stats are just for the United States, but if you look further down the list the only rock band to make the Top 100 was metal band METALLICA in the US. If you look at the stats from a global perspective rock music does much better.

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METALLICA accumulated 29 million views this week worldwide. SLIPKNOT came in with13.8 million, with most of their fans tuning in from the United States (3.92M), Brazil (1.17M), Mexico (1.05M) and the U.K, while AVENGED SEVENFOLD was close behind, with 13.2 million views. Check out the worldwide list below!

ard rock / metal numbers on YouTube:

  • Queen – 42.9M
  • Guns N’ Roses – 21.7M
  • AC/DC – 20M
  • Skillet – 19M
  • Rammstein – 16.9M
  • Green Day – 16.5M
  • Nirvana – 15.8M
  • Nickelback – 11.8M
  • Five Finger Death Punch – 11.6M
  • Led Zeppelin – 11.1M
  • System Of A Down – 10.8M
  • Evanescence – 10.4M
  • Disturbed – 9.44M
  • Pearl Jam – 8.57M
  • My Chemical Romance – 8.3M


It was revealed late last year that JAMES HETFIELD of METALLICA would be returning to rehab to deal with substance abuse issues. Following his stint in rehab he made his first public appearance several weeks ago at a car museum in Los Angeles. At that time he gave a surprising answer to the next METALLICA album and it was expected that METALLICA’s first gig back with JAMES HETFIELD was scheduled to take place in the band’s hometown of San Francisco on March 28th as part of their charity show for the All Within My Hands Foundation. It turns out the gig has now been postponed to September 12th of this year. METALLICA released an explanation today claiming they:

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may have been a little to ambitious….in terms of getting our stuff together and giving you an experience that matches or surpasses the first event held in November of 2018.

2018’s All Within My Hands benefit show was recorded and later released by METALLICA on vinyl. All the proceeds from the release went to charity. METALLICA’s full statement on the rescheduled show can be read below!

Time to update the calendar as the second installment of the All Within My Hands Helping Hands Concert has been rescheduled for September 12, 2020, still at the Masonic in San Francisco. A few of you may recall that in September as we were riding high on all the positive vibes that came out of the two S&M² shows, we were excited to announce that we had set aside March 28th to celebrate AWMH with all of you again. However, we may have been a little too ambitious with that date in terms of getting our stuff together and giving you an experience that matches or surpasses the first event held in November of 2018.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this change may cause and thank you for all the support and love that you’ve given All Within My Hands. We’ve had some incredible accomplishments in the last two years, including the launch of the innovative Metallica Scholars program (more on year two here) and are excited to share all the details—and a kick-ass show—with you later this year.

More information and ticketing details coming very soon.

JAMES HETFIELD will make his return to METALLICA this April as the band will play six dates across South America followed by US shows across several American festivals. You can see METALLICA’s tour dates here and buy tickets at this location.