The Unbelievable Story of NIRVANA’s Final Concert!

NIRVANA Would Play Their Final Concert in Germany in Early 1994

Today we take a look at NIRVANA and KURT COBAIN’s final concert, which took place at an old airplane hangar in Munich Germany at a place called TERMINAL 1. Check it out below in today’s video

Former GUNS N’ ROSES Manager VICKY HAMILTON Talks Getting Biopic or TV Series

In a newly released interview with Consequence of Sound , former GUNS N‘ ROSES manager VICKY HAMILTON revealed that she’s come close to getting a movie or TV series made of her life telling the publication:

story continued below…

I’ve been doing a lot of meetings with production companies and directors and things. I mean at some point, it may turn into a TV series or a movie or something. I mean it’s like I’ve gotten close a few times and then you know, it blows up. The movie industry is mind baffling to me. I’m starting to figure out how it works and I’m amazed that anything gets made. I used to be amazed that records got made, but now that doesn’t amaze me so much. A lot of people want to like get a GUNS N’ ROSES bio pick out of my book and I’m not interested in doing that. That’s like such a nightmare. I mean what I could give them is what happened before it happened. Because everybody knows what happened after it happened. But I’m not interested in that. It’s a small piece of my story. This one company painted it like My Week with Marilyn. It could be like a snapshot in time, that could be interesting. And you know, it occurred to me last night that my story is a music version of the story of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and that’s a hit. I mean, I think that’s loosely based on Joan Rivers, so I could see doing a film on my real life and then doing like a fictional ’80s show because how much fun would that be?

I would definitely watch it if it got made. Having worked with GUNS N’ ROSES and MOTLEY CRUE it would be fascinating story.