Award Given To GUNS N’ ROSES Up For Sale For Cheap Price!

1992 BILLBOARD Music Award Up For Sale

A user on ebay has listed a 1992 BILLBOARD Award that was given to the members of GUNS N’ ROSES for the sales of their double album “Use Your Illusion 1” and “Use Your Illusion 2.” The asking price is $1,500 USD, which isn’t bad considering a different ebay user is asking almost $100K USD for the band’s moonman trophy from MTV. Check out the listing here.

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The description for the item is as follows:

VERY RARE ORIGINAL GUNS ‘N ROSES Billboard Music Award handed to the band. $2500.   You will never see this for sale again.  Handed to each member of the band and management  “1992 music awards.     Guns  & Roses  #1   200  Albums Group Artist “.   It has a small chip on the bottom right hand corner( normal as the band never really took very good care of things like this, the chrome  metal top display lasted about 7 seconds before it had to be glued back on.  Not to sound to cliche, but that’s rock ‘n roll!  Haha. If you are a Guns ‘n Roses fan this is a must to have piece of rock & roll/ music history  impress your friends with!!!