OZZY OSBOURNE Reveals The Embarrassing Thing He’ll Always Be Remembered For!

OZZY OSBOURNE Reveals The Embarrassing Thing He’ll Always Be Remembered For

The Prince of Darkness, OZZY OSBOURNE revealed that he’ll always be remembered for the inamous bat-biting incident. For those who don’t remember the incident, it took place on January 20, 1982 when OZZY was performing a show at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Des Moines, Iowa. He claimed he thought the bat was a toy thrown to him onstage by a fan in the crowd.

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During an interview with the Los Angeles Daily News he was asked how he’d like ot be remembered. OZZY responded

“It’s not the way I want to be remembered [but] I know I’ll be the man that bit the head off the bat. That will be my epitaph. It won’t be, ‘Here lies Ozzy Osbourne … he did a bit of good …’ It’s going to be ‘The bat-biting lunatic,’ which … I don’t care.”

OZZY in 2008 told Classic Rock magazine.

“It must have been stunned by the lights or something because it just froze and I thought it was a toy,” he said. “I just put it in my mouth. Then its wings started flapping and I got such a shock. I tried to pull it out too quickly and its head came off.”

“It tasted all crunchy and warm . . . like a Ronald McDonald’s.”

As you would expect, OZZY went to a nearby hospital to get a rabies and tetanus shot according to the Des Moines Register.

Pete Crivaro mayor of Des Moines was none too happy about the incident and said he wanted to investigate if the Prince of Darkness “violated an agreement on the use of animals in his act. We had been assured he wasn’t going to, and I want to find out who is lying,”

The manager of the auditorium then Dave Palmitier,told the Des Moines Register that OZZY:

“did let some doves loose, which he wasn’t supposed to do. We found one dead that apparently had been killed in the audience,” he said.

Des Moines’s police claimed to have warned OZZY’s manager ahead of the show that if any animal was harmed he would go to jail because it would have violated state law. The police chief at the time remembered to the newspaper:

“We had heard about Osbourne sticking birds in his mouth and warned them he would be arrested on the spot if he bit them,” he said.