Whatever Happened to the 90’s Alternative Rock Band Local H?

90’s Alternative Rock Band Local H Got Screwed Over By Their Record Label

Back in the 90’s before we had two person band’s like the Black Keys or the White Stripes, there was a band named Local H. They are probably best known for their song “Bound For the Floor.” They had a huge record with 1996s “As Good As Dead,” and their follow up, 1998’s “Pack up the Cats” was supposed to be an even bigger record, but their record label screwed the band over. Today we talk about the band’s career and how bad business decisions halted their career.

GUNS N’ ROSES Share Live Concert Footage of AXL ROSE & SLASH

GUNS N’ ROSES rarely share live concert footage on their social media pages, but recently they posted a clip of frontman AXL ROSE and guitarist SLASH on stage performing in Miami, Florida this past January as part of the Superbowl Music Festival. The band is performing the set opener “It’s So Easy” from their 1987 debut record “Appetite for Destruction.” Check it out below!

GUNS N’ ROSES Reveal Amazing New Photos of AXL ROSE, DUFF

A new post on GUNS N’ ROSES social media page shows some previously unseen photos of frontman AXL ROSE, DUFF MCKAGAN and drummer FRANK FERRER. The post was meant to honor the three year anniversary of the band’s first show in Singapore. Check them out below!

Wendy Williams Gives Shoutout to Duff McKagan and His Wife

WENDY WILLIAMS who has a daytime talk show gave a shoutout to GUNS N’ ROSES member DUFF MCKAGAN and his wife SUSAN on her tv show. Check out the clip below!

Major Celebrity Rips off GUNS N’ ROSES Logo

Wrestler and FOZZY Frontman CHRIS JERICHO has released a new line of merchandise that appears to be inspired by GUNS N’ ROSES. Well it’s more like a straight rip off. Check it out below!

Legendary Axeman DJ ASHBA Inks Major Solo Deal

Legendary GUNS N’ ROSES and SIXX:A.M. guitarist DJ Ashba will release a solo project this year. It was previously reported that the man, the myth the legend DJ ASHBA was working on a new project with SIXX: A.M. bandmate JAMES MICHAEL on a new band named PYROMANTIC. JAMES MICHAEL has since left the band and it’s now pretty much a DJ ASHBA solo project.

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DJ ASHBA appeared this week on Fox5‘s “More”. He revealed:

“I just signed a huge deal. I have a thing coming out called ASHBA. It’s a solo deal. So, for the first time, I get to spread my wings and fly. So I’m excited about that. I’m gonna be featuring different singers from different genres on every song. And then I’m gonna tour with just a VJ — just a guitar and a VJ.

“I spent three years in the studio creating this new sound and I took Latin, pop, rock and EDM and I just threw it in a blender as a producer, I’ve done the rock thing, I’ve done that my whole life, but I wanted to create a new sound — something fresh, something anybody could latch on to. If you like Latin, there’s enough of that; if you like rock, there’s enough of it in there. So it’s a really cool, unique sound. I’m pretty proud of it.”

Last year, DJ ASHBA revealed to“Vegas Junkeez” how the project first started saying:

“It started off in the beginning, me and the singer from SIXX:A.M.JAMES MICHAEL we had some time off and we started writing like we did. And it eventually evolved, and obviously, it went in a direction, and I pushed it really hard in a direction, and then JAMES MICHAEL kind of got busy and went off [to do] his thing. But it’s evolved into this incredible thing that’s just awesome. And to have congas and horns… And it’s very worldly. It’s designed to make the body move. It’s full-on dance stuff, but it’s great.”

SIXX:A.M. had originally called it quits in 2018, but appear to be working together again releasing a new song called “Talk To Me” last September. The band, which also features MOTLEY CRUE bassist NIKKI SIXX and drummer DUSTIN STEINKE.