BLACK SABBATH Legend Reveals His Negative Moments With KISS and VAN HALEN

TONY IOMMI Reveals HIs Thoughts on KISS and VAN HALEN

BLACK SABBATH guitarist TONY IOMMI recently sat down with GIBSON TV  and discussed the times BLACK SABBATH toured with VAN HALEN and KISS and looked  tours with VAN HALEN and KISS, highlighting some of the low points of touring with the two acts.

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TONY IOMMI said the following about VAN HALEN:

“Van Halen toured with us for eight or nine months, Eddie’s one of my best friends now – we still stay in touch – but he used to come in my room, pick your brains, you know? They sort of asked, ‘What’s this like? What’s that like?’ And for them, it was learning more information.”

IOMMI revealed that the experience was “enjoyable” at first, it eventually “got a bit too much.” saying:

“They were going on first, and they were gradually learning things from us and doing the same sort of arrangement in their show. They’d have a drum solo, this and that and the other. … And I got really annoyed one night. I said, ‘Hey, Eddie, are you gonna play a couple of songs off our new album tomorrow?’ He went, ‘Hey, man, we love you guys.’”

IOMMI wasn’t as warm towards KISS saying:

“I don’t know what happened there, because we didn’t sort of really get on with them. I remember seeing the sign outside: ‘BLACK SABBATH and KISS.’ It was on this board, [we] got those letters that you stick on, and we found the ‘P’ and took the ‘K’ off, and put ‘P iss’ on it.”


Back in 1997 JOHNNY ROTTEN (AKA JOHN LYDON) appeared on JUDGE JUDY’s daytime show to deal with a small time dispute involving his touring drummer at the time. ROTTEN was about to promote his latest record at the time, but his drummer claimed that he had been assaulted and fired. Check out the whole drama in today’s video on Rock N’ Roll True Stories below!


In a surprising piece of news, ANTHRAX singer JOEY BELLADONNA announced that he is launching a JOURNEY tribute band called JOURNEY BEYOND. JOURNEY BEYOND’s debut performance will take place on Friday, March 6th at the Beacon Theatre in Hopewell, Virginia. He wrote on social media earlier today his big announcement saying:

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“I am happy to announce the debut of JOURNEY BEYOND, a tribute to the legendary band JOURNEY. It is my pleasure to welcome my new band out of Nashville and we are very excited to hit the stage together.

“Our first show is coming up this Friday, March 6 in Hopeville [sic], VA at The Beacon Theatre. We are excited to be performing a night of JOURNEY‘s timeless hits and we look forward to seeing some new fans in the crowd!”

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JOEY BELLADONNA will be joined by keyboardist Doug Carter, bassist Paul Arntz, guitarist Matt Basford and drummer Justin Ward.

During a 2005 interview with MusicDish, JOEY BELLADONNAwas asked about a rumor that he came to his audition with ANTHRAX with a JOURNEY song revealing

“Actually, what happened was I went into the room and they said, ‘Just go on in,’ and they hadn’t heard me sing. They’d heard of me and they asked me to come in, but we were going in to start tracking and stuff, to get the mic set up and all that and they said, ‘Let’s get you in there and get you warmed up.’ I hit the mic and belted out some JOURNEY… I think it was [the song] ‘Lights’. I didn’t know what the hell I was getting into in the first place. I just wanted to lay some vocals or something. Just to kinda give an idea and that’s what happened. It wasn’t really anything more than that. I just kinda belched it out. I think I did ‘Oh Sherrie’ [written by JOURNEY singer Steve Perry], too, or something. I dunno why, but I just did. It was something off the top of my head I could do a cappella and it was kinda challenging. I thought maybe in range or something that would be kind of intriguing. It was definitely one they weren’t expecting.”

ANTHRAX would cover the JOURNEY song “Anthems” on their 2013 EP “Anthems”