Close Friend of GUNS N’ ROSES Singer AXL ROSE Gets Hit In the Face By Rock Legend!

ROGER DALTREY Celebrates His 76th Birthday With GUNS N’ ROSES Friend SEBASTIAN BACH On Cruise Ship

THE WHO’s lead singer ROGER DALTREY just celebrated his 76th birthday on the Rock Legends Cruise VIII. In attendance was AXL ROSE and GUNS N’ ROSES personal friend SEBASTIAN BACH who took a shot to the face. DALTREY smashed a cake into the face of former SKID ROW singer SEBASTIAN BACH and got a huge ovation from the rock cruise crowd.

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SEBASTIAN BACH would finish singing “Happy Birthday” before saying,

“If you weren’t ROGER DALTREY, this would be a different situation. Do we love this man or what? Oh my god, what a disaster.”

ROGER DALTREY would respond

“It’s a good job Keith (Moon) isn’t here as well, Because we’d all be covered in cake. Thank you, Sebastian. That was so kind of you, man. Thank you for being such a good sport.”

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ROGER DALTREY celebrated his birthday on Sunday, March 1 and he recently released his 10th studio record 2018’s “As Long As I Have You.”


In a surprising piece of news, ANTHRAX singer JOEY BELLADONNA announced that he is launching a JOURNEY tribute band called JOURNEY BEYOND. JOURNEY BEYOND’s debut performance will take place on Friday, March 6th at the Beacon Theatre in Hopewell, Virginia. He wrote on social media earlier today his big announcement saying:

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“I am happy to announce the debut of JOURNEY BEYOND, a tribute to the legendary band JOURNEY. It is my pleasure to welcome my new band out of Nashville and we are very excited to hit the stage together.

“Our first show is coming up this Friday, March 6 in Hopeville [sic], VA at The Beacon Theatre. We are excited to be performing a night of JOURNEY‘s timeless hits and we look forward to seeing some new fans in the crowd!”

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JOEY BELLADONNA will be joined by keyboardist Doug Carter, bassist Paul Arntz, guitarist Matt Basford and drummer Justin Ward.

During a 2005 interview with MusicDish, JOEY BELLADONNAwas asked about a rumor that he came to his audition with ANTHRAX with a JOURNEY song revealing

“Actually, what happened was I went into the room and they said, ‘Just go on in,’ and they hadn’t heard me sing. They’d heard of me and they asked me to come in, but we were going in to start tracking and stuff, to get the mic set up and all that and they said, ‘Let’s get you in there and get you warmed up.’ I hit the mic and belted out some JOURNEY… I think it was [the song] ‘Lights’. I didn’t know what the hell I was getting into in the first place. I just wanted to lay some vocals or something. Just to kinda give an idea and that’s what happened. It wasn’t really anything more than that. I just kinda belched it out. I think I did ‘Oh Sherrie’ [written by JOURNEY singer Steve Perry], too, or something. I dunno why, but I just did. It was something off the top of my head I could do a cappella and it was kinda challenging. I thought maybe in range or something that would be kind of intriguing. It was definitely one they weren’t expecting.”

ANTHRAX would cover the JOURNEY song “Anthems” on their 2013 EP “Anthems”