GUNS N’ ROSES Guitarist SLASH’s Singer Reveals Which Big Band He Auditioned For

MYLES KENNEDY Discusses His Alternate Career Plans and Jamming with LED ZEPPELIN

SLASH’s singer MYLES KENNEDY recently spoke to Metal Hammer, and the Alter Bridge vocalist revealed what career he would have pursued if music wouldn’t have worked out for him revealing:

“If I hadn’t found music, I probably would’ve been a school teacher of either English or History.

“I’d probably choose the revolutionary era because I was fascinated by that as a kid. It could’ve been because I was born in Boston where a lot of that stuff took place; I was really interested in the history of the area.

“If I was capable of doing it, I probably would’ve been an architect but I wasn’t smart enough. I love that stuff but I’m terrible with math so I don’t think it would’ve been a good idea.”

Later on in the interview, MYLES KENNEDY discussed his audition in 2008 with the surviving members of LED ZEPPELIN (minus ROBERT PLANT) saying::

“Jamming with Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham was such an awesome experience, just to be in that environment for the week, or however long it was.

“As a fan, I felt satiated. I think anything beyond that would have been an incredible experience but a daunting task in the sense that there would’ve been an incredible amount of expectation.

“You can say the same for the project with Velvet Revolver because when you get a group of these iconic players together minus members that people are used to hearing them with, there’s always a level of expectation that the fanbase is going to have, which is certainly something you have to take into consideration.

“I got just enough of a thrill, which is good enough for me. I remember thinking as we were jamming that it felt like just four guys in a room jamming these songs, there was something really special about that. I remember thinking at some point that once this is out of this room, it’s a completely different animal, so I’ll just take it and enjoy it.”