METALLICA Producer Makes Shocking Revelation About the Band!

James Hetfield

Metallica Producer BOB ROCK Talks “…And Justice For All”

Former METALLICA producer Bob Rock, who worked with the band from 1991 to 2003 gave an interview to Gibson TV and talked about his thoughts on the group’s 1988 record “…And Justice For All.” He revealed that the album “didn’t make any sense” to him.

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He would reveal the following during the interview (see below)

THE CULT warmed up for METALLICA on the ‘Justice’ tour, and I bought the ‘Justice’ album. I liked the song that I saw on MTV‘One’… So I listened to the record, and there was just no bottom end, and I’m going, ‘Okay. This is kind of interesting.’ … Anyway, so I went to see THE CULT and I stayed for METALLICA. And what I saw in METALLICA was not the sound of ‘Justice’; I heard this big band that had weight and size. The record didn’t make sense to me. And I know it’s a standard for a lot of people, but I’m just being honest here.”

He talked about the first time he met the band after they heard his work on MOTLEY CRUE’s record 1989’s “Dr. Feelgood” saying:

“They flew up to Vancouver and we had a meeting,” Bob told Gibson TV. “They brought a cassette deck. And they played it. And I’m just listening to the demos. I heard ‘Sad But True’ and I went, ‘Phew! Wow!’ It was all there — the tempos. In my head, I was just going, ‘I can do this. I can make a great record.'”

He’d go on to say:

Lars [Ulrich, drums] and James [Hetfield, guitar/vocls] are definitely the butting-heads alpha males of METALLICA,” he continued. “I think it’s always that thing, like great bands — [StevenTyler and [JoePerry, [MickJagger and [KeithRichardsPaul [McCartney] and John [Lennon] — there’s always that thing. So I think Lars had a vision, James had a vision, and that’s what the ‘Black Album’ is.