PEARL JAM Mourns Tragic Loss Before Major Tour

PEARL JAM Suffers Tragic Loss Of Close Friend Ahead of Major Tour

It was revealed this month that PEARL JAM has suffered a tragic loss, losing Mike Lull who worked with the band. Lull was the founder of Mike Lull custom guitars and worked with the band on their instruments. Numerous members of PEARL JAM took to social media and the band’s website to pay their respects ahead of the band’s upcoming tour.

Bassist JEFF AMENT wrote on PEARL JAM’s website:

“Mike built my first bass in 1988, a fretless made of scrap heap Warmouth seconds, which he turned into the best bass I had ever owned to that point. Since then, we collaborated on over 30 instruments, all made with his beautiful and meticulous touch. I can’t tell you how lucky all of us Seattle musicians were to have, not only the best luthier, but also one of the best humans on the planet in our backyard. Sending love to his wife, Julie and their family. Thank you Mike.”

Guitarist STONE GOSSARD added,

“Thank you Mike for all the love and attention you gave to our band and our instruments for the last 30 years. Thank you for your kindness and expertise , your dedication and love. We have been spoiled by your talents and humanity.

The gravity of your passing will only grow more evident over time. We will all miss you… but our hearts truly ache for your wife and children who will miss their husband and father and all the little things .. Our deepest condolences to Julie, Harrison, Spencer, Preston and Cameron.”

In other PEARL JAM related news, I just posted a video all about the band’s comeback with 1998’s record “Yield”, which to many represented the band getting their groove back. Do you agree or not? Check it out below!