AC/DC Member Reveals Update on the Band

Angus Young

Drummer CHRIS SLADE Discusses The Current State of AC/DC

Drummer CHRIS SLADE revealed that he has “had no indication” that he is no longer part of AC/DCs lineup. CHRIS SLADE also priased GUNS N’ ROSES frontman AXL ROSE.

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The 73-year-old drummer stepped into the to the band following Phil Rudd’s arrest in 2016. CHRIS SLADE performed with the band during their 2016 “Rock Or Bust” world tour. There have been rumors circulating that AC/DC has finished recording a new album and will tour. The new album apparently saw PHIL RUDD return behind the kit in the studio.

CHRIS SLADE was recently interviewed by Barbara Caserta of Linea Rock on February 14 in Bergamo, Italy. CHRIS SLADE was asked whether he’s still a member of the band saying:

“I’ve had no indication that I’m not. But AC/DC, as you probably know, have always taken five years between anything. And then suddenly you get [a phone call], ‘[Come to] Florida next week.’ ‘L.A., 10 days’ time.’ They’ve always been that way.”

CHRIS SLADE also went on to reveal how he got the call to fill in behind the kit for the “Rock Or Bust” tour five years ago saying:

“I was working with [THE CHRIS SLADETIMELINE in Switzerland, and my phone is an American phone. And I saw this New York number. Because what had happened… People kept saying to me, ‘Have you had the call yet? Have you had the call? Have you had the call?’ And I [said], ‘No, I haven’t had the call, and they’re not going to call me. Okay?’ After the first few months went by, I thought, ‘Oh, I’m not gonna get a call now. Angus [YoungAC/DC guitarist] probably has a nephew who plays drums or something.’ So I was on the road with TIMELINE and I got this call, and I was, like, ‘Wow!’ It was the manager, and he said, ‘Chris, the guys would like you to come back in.’ And even at the end of it — and this went on for, like, probably 10, 15 minutes — at the end of it, I said, ‘Does this come from the guys, from the band?’ And he went, ‘Of course it’s coming from the band.’ And I [went], ‘Okay then.’ I’d already said ‘yes,’ by the way.”