BILLY SQUIER’s Career Ending Decision

BILLY SQUIER’s Career Killing Decision

Back in the early 80’s Billy Squier was on top of the world. Having released back to back albums with 1981′ “Don’t Say No” and 1982’s “Emotions in Motion” that combined sold 5 million copies , he was on top of the world. He should’ve had a huge career for the rest of the decade, but it would be his music video for his 1984 single “Rock Me Tonite” that sunk his career. Today we take a look at that video and how it all came together and ended his career prematurely.

Pop-Country Star Carrie Underwood Talks Attending GUNS N’ ROSES Show

Pop Star and Country Singer Carrie Underwood is out promoting her new book, Find Your Path. She stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (see video below) on Friday night, and recounted how she “abandoned” her husbandMike Fisher, and their two kids to go see a GUNS N’ ROSES concert in Las Vegas last year. I happened to be at the same show that night. She wasn’t the only big celebrity on the stage as another A-List celebrity even joined the band onstage.

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Underwood said the following:

“Our tour wrapped and we were nowhere near Las Vegas. So, naturally, I said let’s go to Las Vegas with the band and go see G N’ R (Guns N’ Roses) play ’cause it’s kind of a lifelong dream of mine I never thought would happen and couldn’t waste that opportunity,” she began. “So, I abandoned my husband, abandoned my two children, went to Vegas, saw Guns N’ Roses.”

MICK JAGGER Would Leave the Stones To Pursue a Solo Career

Back in 1984 MICK JAGGER took a break from THE ROLLING STONES to pursue a solo career, which didn’t sit well with his bandmates, most notably KEITH RICHARDS. Check out the story of his first solo record “She’s the Boss.” and how it represented a stark departure from the ROLLING STONES classic sound.