GUNS N’ ROSES Perform New Song Last Night in Mexico City!

GUNS N’ ROSES Perform “So Fine” For First Time in 27 Years!

GUNS N’ ROSES headlined the Vive Latino Music Festival in Mexico City despite the worldwide corona virus pandemic. The band performed deep cut, the DUFF MCKAGAN penned “So Fine” from “Use Your Illusion 2” for the first time last night in 27 years. While no separate video has surfaced yet, check out this 1993 rendition of the song from their 1993 Saskatoon show below along with the full show from last night! The live performance of “So Fine” begins at the 1 hour 11 min mark or so or right after You Could Be Mine I think.

GUNS N’ ROSES Perform Last Night in Mexico City

GUNS N’ ROSES performed their second show of the year last night at the Vive Latino Festival in Mexico City last night despite the coronavirus pandemic.  GUNS N’ ROSES performed a shorter setlist last night only performing 22 songs including their first performance of deep cut “So Fine” from “Use Your Illusion 2” in 27 years. Several of GUNS N’ ROSES upcoming scheduled performances have since been cancelled or postponed.

Back in the mid 90’s PETER STEELE Of TYPE O NEGATIVE Appears on TV

Back in 1995 PETER STEELE of the band TYPE O NEGATIVE appeared on JERRY SPRING’s show to talk about groupies. Check it out in today’s episode.

Costa Rica Show Has Been Cancelled

With plenty of bands canceling tours across the world over coronavirus fears, it appears GUNS N‘ ROSES have cancelled their gig in Costa Rica that was scheduled for March 18th. According to a local newspaper the government has cancelled major concerts after a few cases of the coronavirus popped up. Don’t be surprised if we see more cancellations over the coronavirus fears.

JOSH KLINGHOFFER Reveals How He Joined The Band

Former RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS guitarist JOSH KLINGHOFFER  was recently interviewed on the Marc Maron Podcast and revealed how he joined the band in 2007 during the Stadium Arcadium tour saying:

“Gnarls Barkley, maybe through a label, they start opening for the Chili Peppers in the Stadium Arcadium period. This is great for me because I’m friends with them, so I’m in there. How did that happen? There was a cancelation due to the snow storm, so there was a makeup show on one of the legs, and Gnarls decided at the last minute not to go down to Mexico.

But because I’m friends with the Chili Peppers, I’m like, ‘You guys are crazy, Mexico City is the greatest place to play. Expletive you guys, I’m going to go with them.’ So I go, and I hadn’t seen John in awhile, because I had been on tour, so we hung out, it was fun.”

SuperHeroSong posted on the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS subreddit  “In the podcast Josh states that he dropped out of High School at age 15 around 1995 and practically just stayed in his room playing guitar all the time. He started playing with Bob Forrest when he was 17 in 1997 and the Bicycle Thief record was released in 1999. The guitar playing in that record is very sophisticated, it amazes me how talented Josh became at such a young age. It’s crazy how he and Bob met at just the right time and how that eventually led to Josh joining RHCP. A lot of similarities between John and Josh.”

In other RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS news, the band revealed why they never kept JOSH KLINGHOFFER on board to play rhythm guitar and other instruments on tour. 

I think it’s crazy they let Josh go and didn’t keep him. What are your guys thoughts.