GUNS N’ ROSES Member’s Singer Reveals Shocking Financial Struggle

Slash Ft Myles Kennedy Denver

Myles Kennedy Talks Struggling Financially In His Early Days

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash’s singer Myles Kennedy revealed to Guitar World, how he struggled financially before he became famous in his 30’s. He was promoting Alter Bridge’s new album “Walk the Sky” and the exchange went as follows:

“Do you remember the days when you were struggling?”, Kennedy replied:

“Oh, hell yeah. [Laughs] I can remember those days like it was yesterday. I remember when I was around 25, I got to a point where I was like, ‘I don’t know if this is going to happen,’ and I wasn’t even sure of what I wanted to happen.

“I just knew that I wanted to play music. At the time, I was teaching guitar and working in a music store, and on my lunch break every day I would go down the street to this little Chinese restaurant and buy a little box of rice for a dollar.

“So I think back to those days, and even though I was unsure of the future at that point, there was a certain excitement in that and I’ll never forget it. In a way, I kind of miss that – that hunger.

“I remember once going to have some drinks with Jerry Harrison, the gentleman who produced the first Mayfield Four album [1998’s ‘Fallout’], and he said something to me just after we finished that album that really stuck with me. He said that this is the time you’ll remember more than anything, and these will be the best days.

“And I remember thinking, ‘Hmm, really? Driving around in a beat-up van and eating Top Ramen?’ Fast-forward 20-plus years later, and you know what? He was right. It was that ‘one-for-all and all-for-one, us-against-the-world thing going on back then, and it was really special and exciting.”