GUNS N’ ROSES Member’s Wife Confirms The Band Is Working On A New Album!

Susan Holmes McKagan Confirms New Album on the Way

Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan’s wife was recently interviewed on the “Appetite for Distortion Podcast” With Brando and he confirmed on social media that a new album is on the way from the band. Check out his tweet below!

GUNS N’ ROSES “Chinese Democracy” Album Reactions

Today we take a look at the reaction that Slash, Duff McKagan and Izzy Stradlin had to Axl Rose’s “Chinese Democracy” album under the Guns N’ Roses moniker. Check it out below!

GUNS N’ ROSES Fan Points Out Why The Band Is Only In It For Money

A poster on the MyGNRForum made an astute observation about GUNS N’ ROSES and their lackluster management. The poster pointed out how the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has proved how the band only cares about money. They even played a concert in Mexico to tens of thousands of people just as the outbreak was causing concerts to be cancelled, but the band didn’t care. AXL ROSE has posted a few tweets about the pandemic, but that’s about it. DUFF MCKAGAN has talked a bit about the economic impacts of the pandemic, but nothing cool to share. The poster named “username” said the following:

story continued below…

These are strange times. People around the world are isolated in their homes, cut off from loved ones, unable to attend almost all the social activities they normally would. And in the midst of all that, you see people coming up with tons of incredible and creative ways to still create a sense of togetherness and unity. One of the many ways this is happening is through artists taking to the internet to cheer up and support their fanbases. From personal messages to online live performances to personal video’s where they’re playing or telling stories to sharing demo material or outtakes. And I think it’s amazing because I don’t think any of this is particularly profitable to them. It’s artists trying to bring some cheer to the people who have supported then for years simply by staying in touch and keeping them slightly sane through all this.

I’ve seen some things on Twitter from Slash and Duff, but that’s pretty much it I think.

But nothing of the sort from “the GnR camp”. Nothing supportive or fun or interesting. Because Guns n’ Roses doesn’t do charity or non-profit. Hey, kids, if you want to stay sane you can always buy an expletive yoyo.

I agree 100% and so do a lot of poster on the forums that the band only cares about money.