Guns N’ Roses Icon Makes Controversial Coronavirus Remarks

Axl Rose with the Chinese Democracy Lineup in 2011

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal Talks Coronavirus

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, former Guns N’ Roses guitarist and current  SONS OF APOLLO guitarist was most recently on tour in early March. The band was forced off the road when  the coronavirus outbreak forced the band to return home.He gave an interview recently and revealed what he thought the lesson of coronavirus was.

He was interviewed on Sofa King Cool, and revealed:

“SONS OF APOLLO, we were touring Europe. We had a 20-show tour [booked], and after four shows, we had to pull the plug and get out. We saw how this thing was escalating and the direction it was going and figured out how far can we get, how many shows can we do before we can’t? And things started to get canceled. We knew we wouldn’t be able to do the bus run, which was two-thirds of the dates. We started off [by] doing shows where we fly everywhere, and it was a lot of Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, and then after that, we were gonna grab the bus and hit Milan and then Zurich and all the places that were the first to really get hammered. And there was no way that it was gonna happen. So we knew that we couldn’t get past the fly dates and we wouldn’t be able to do the bus dates. So we canceled the bus. We started talking to promoters. One promoter was saying to us, ‘We’re gonna sue you. There’s no cases here. Everything is fine. You guys are being worried.’ All that kind of stuff. And a week later, the same promoter, their country was completely shut down, they were inundated with cases, and they were saying to our tour promoter, ‘Wow, was I wrong? I hope you guys are okay. And we look forward to rescheduling when we can. And everyone be safe and be healthy.'”

“This is a very humbling thing,” he said. “It’s a reminder that we are all just mere guests in this world. This is not our world. We don’t run it. We are not the supreme beings of it. We are guests, and all Mother Nature has to do is take a look at us and tilt her head a little bit, and we’re gone. We should be very gracious and grateful and appreciative of anything we have, starting with our health, and be good to each other. And let this be a reminder that we are not almighty.”

SONS OF APOLLO were out promoting “MMXX” during their last tour of Europe which came out through Sony Music.