Guns N’ Roses Working On “Killer New Stuff” For Next Album

Susan Holmes McKagan, Duff’s Wife Talks New Guns N’ Roses Music

Duff McKagan’s wife, Susan Holmes McKagan recently appeared on the “Appetite for Distortion” Podcast and revealed that Guns N’ Roses are in fact working on new material and discussed what that new music sounds like saying:

 “I will say Guns N’ Roses have been working fastidiously on some killer new stuff.

“I can’t say much, but I’ve heard bits and bobs and it’s pretty epic. I do want to spread good news, but not detailed news, I guess. Hopefully that’ll put a spring in your step!”

Prince Was Supposed To Appear in Season 5 of “The Simpsons”

Back in 1993-1994 season of The Simpsons it was expected that the musician Prince was going to make an appearance on the show. The Simpsons writer Conan O’ Brien had supposedly written a sequel to the Season 3 episode titled “Stark Raving Dad” where Homer goes to a mental institution and meets a man claiming to be The King of Pop Michael Jackson. It would turn out the man’s name was Leon Kompowsky and he wasn’t Michael Jackson at all. What’s funny is that Jackson would lend his voice to the episode and write the “Happy Birthday Lisa” song, which was sung at the end of the episode.

The sequel to this episode was supposed to air in Season 5 and see Kompowsky return this time claiming to be the musician Prince. I’ sure this would have been one of the more memorable Simpsons episodes that would have aired had it worked out. Check out our story over why the episode never happened.

Guns N’ Roses Release Album Puzzles For Fans

With not much to do these days, Guns N’ Roses have revealed that they are selling album puzzles to fans. Check out the video below!