Mask Factory Plays Controversial Guns N’ Roses Song During President Trump’s Visit

Mask Factory Plays Guns N’ Roses Version of “Live & Let Die”

During President Donald Trump’s visit to a mask factory during the coronavirus pandemic, the factory played Guns N’ Roses version of “Live and Let Die.” The song got a lot of attention in the press with the LA Times reporting:

President Trump had an arresting soundtrack on a visit to a coronavirus mask factory, during which  the Guns N’ Roses version of “Live and Let Die” played out and the president opted not to wear a mask.

The president toured a Honeywell aerospace facility in Arizona — which has pivoted to mask production — while a rousing series of songs were played over the sound system.

The tour was one of the president’s first major outings for two months, and he went against CDC recommendations to wear a face covering over his mouth, as Business Insider earlier reported.

But the combination of the president going maskless and the song caught a lot of attention.

The song — a cover version of the song first recorded for the 1973 James Bond film of the same name — played just as a Honeywell representative was showing the president the properties of the materials used in the masks.

The tour also played favorites from Trump rallies, including Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.” and “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor, according to the LA Times.

The footage quickly made its way onto social media, where numerous people commented on the apparent irony of the situation.

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