Girlfriend Shares Adorable Birthday Message From Slash

Slash Celebrates Girlfriend Meegan Hodges Birthday

Yesterday was Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash’s girlfriend’s birthday. Meegan shared some photos of the birthday along with a heart warming message from Slash. Check it out below!


Chris Robinson Of The Black Crowes Would Be Arrested in 1991

Back in the early 90’s Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes would be arrested after an altercation with two women at a convenience store following a show in Colorado. Check out the full story of the embarrassing arrest below!

Guns N’ Roses Selling Coronavirus Charity Shirt

Guns N’ Roses have listed a shirt on their merch store that is for charity to help those in the music industry displaced by the recent coronavirus pandemic. The shirt is a limited edition piece with all the proceeds going to Crew Nation, which was started by Live Nation to raise funds for touring and venue crews who are struggling during the coronavirus pandemic.

Live Nation has promised $10 million to Crew Nation. Guns N’ Roses for their part have cancelled their upcoming European and North America tours due to coronavirus pandemic.

Sully Erna Of Godsmack Reveals Nikki Sixx’s Diva Like Behavior

Today at Rock N’ Roll Stories we take a look at the diva behavior of Motley Crue Bassist Nikki Sixx. His feud with Sully Erna of the band Godsmack all started in 2009 when both bands were on tour as part of Crue Fest 2. Check out the full story below.

Slash Shows off His Covid-19 Mask

With everyone still sitting at home, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash had some fun showing off his coronavirus mask on social media. Check it out below! In other Guns N’ Roses news, the band released pro shot footage from their “Not in This Lifetime Tour.”


Alice Cooper Calls Metallica “The Metal Band”

During a recent interview with AXS TV for the show “At Home and Social Online” series, shock rocker Alice Cooper praised Metallica. He first discussed their 1984 song “Fade To Black” from their sophomore record “Ride the Lightning” revealing:

“All of a sudden, metal that was underground is now at the forefront — you know, your bands like Iron Maiden and all these bands, and then here’s Metallica who are getting played on the radio who would not have ever gotten played in the ’70s.”

“I always looked at Metallica as being sort of the metal band,” he emphasized, adding that their combination of talent, anger and good live performances made for the perfect cocktail.

“They spoke for a generation that before was a little bit afraid to say they were metal. Now these kids are going, ‘We want a little anger in our rock and roll. We don’t want it to be nice.’ That’s why they liked me — ’cause I wasn’t nice. Alice Cooper was a threat. And I think Metallica was a threat, but they were also making hit records.”

Watch the full interview below.

Alice Cooper recently put out the song “Don’t Give Up” to spread hope to his fans amidst the pandemic.