John Frusciante Discusses Details Of His Return To The Red Hot Chili Peppers


John Frusciante Reveals Details Of New Chili Peppers Album

John Frusciante recently gave an interview to and discussed his return to the band and their plans to record a new album.

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“I came back to the band because I knew that I could continue to play electronic music, and I have the leeway to get along. I was planning to have a live show in the summer, but everything was postponed to next year. Therefore, I hope that RHCP live activities will be realized next summer. I’m working on a song right now. The goal is to go into the studio and work on an album by the end of the year, or finish the album. It was a story that song writing started as soon as I returned, so that new songs could be released. I’ve been making electronic music since I returned to Japan as a member of the band in 1998, so I’m glad I have the time. As a rock musician and as an electronic musician, I want to express myself in two ways and be free.”

Pearl Jam Blamed For Fan Deaths 20 Years Ago

20 years ago the Seattle band Pearl Jam would perform at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark and by the end of the night several fans would be killed. Following the incident the band was blamed for the fans deaths. Check out the full story below!

Jay Jay French of Twisted Sister Praises Guns N’ Roses

In a recent appearance on Daniel Sarkissian’s “Rock is Dead?” Documentary, Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French spoke about how Guns N’ Roses were one of the few bands to survive the explosion of grunge saying:

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“The only band that leapfrogged and saved themselves was GUNS N’ ROSES, And my theory is that GUNS N’ ROSES was not perceived as a joke. They came out of L.A., but I think that Axl [Rose], first of all, had a great voice. I think that they were perceived as real, not fake. Like, they were real junkies, not pretend junkies. So there’s an authenticity. It’s all about authenticity, and grunge is all about authenticity. People wanted authenticity, so they got it with grunge. It wiped out the perceived frivolousness of hair metal, which is, ‘Hey, man. Let’s party. Let’s get the girls and drink.’ I think people just got sick of that, and they wanted [something more] authentic.”

The Misfits Would Be Arrested For Grave Robbing in New Orleans

Back in 1982 the members of the Misfits were arrested for grave robbing following a gig in New Orleans. It’s a fascinating story that Rock N’ Roll True Stories checks out on their channel. Check it out below!

Back in 1998 Van Halen released their first album with new singer Gary Cherone, the widely panned ‘Van Halen 3.’ Despite the album’s poor commercial performance and reviews, it didn’t put a damper on the band’s spirit. They were planning on recording a follow-up record with Cherone and got so far as to write music for it. Check out the full story of Van Halen’s ‘lost album’ of the late 90’s from Rock N’ Roll True Stories below!

Guns N’ Roses Star Releases New Song

Guns N’ Roses alum Gilby Clarke has released the title track from his upcoming record ‘The Gospel Truth.” No release date has been announced for the album, but it’s due out sometime this year through Golden Robot Records. Check out the song below!

Van Halen Would Write a Tribute to Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain

Back in 1995, Van Halen would release their final album with singer Sammy Hagar titled ‘Balance.’ The making of the album was difficult as Sammy and guitarist Eddie Van Halen’s relationship was breaking down. One of the song’s written for the album was titled ‘Don’t Tell Me (What Love Can Do).’ Check out the full story on the song below from Rock N’ Roll True Stories!

Nine Inch Nails Opened Several Shows For Guns N’ Roses

Back in 1991 Nine Inch Nails opened several shows for Guns N’ Roses in Europe. They were the worst shows Nine Inch Nails ever played according to frontman Trent Reznor. Check out the full story below along with an exclusive interview with Guns N’ Roses, Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson producer Sean Beaven.

Tommy Lee, Drummer of MÖTLEY CRÜE Shows Off Face Tattoo

Today, Tommy Lee, drummer for glam band MÖTLEY CRÜE shared a new tattoo he got on his face. Check out the tattoo below!

The MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee took to Instagram this weekend to show off new face tattoos. The tattoos were done by Mario Barth Tattoo Studios. One of the new tattoos appears on Lee’s right cheek, appears to be a Japanese word/phrase. Lee also added fading dots over his left eye as well as what appears to be an upside down backwards treble clef and a bass clef forming a heart on around left side of his face.

Lee’s bandmates reacted to the photos of Lee’s new tattoos, posting on Instagram: “Looks awesome. I need a tune up with some of my ink too. Great” Guitarist John 5 chimed in, posting: “That’s so cool. I love it.

Whatever Happened to Eve 6?

Today on Rock N’ Roll True Stories they took a look at 90’s and 2000’s era band Eve 6. The band shot to stardom in the late 90’s with their self titled record and the song ‘Inside Out.’ They followed it up with 2000’s Horrorscope with singles like ‘Promise’ and ‘Here’s to the Night.’ Check out the full story below!

Shannon Hoon & Axl Rose’s Story

Today we take a look at the story of Blind Melon’s singer Shannon Hoon and Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose. Check out the video below

Gilby Clarke May Publish An Autobiography

Former Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum recently released (or is about to depending on where you look) his autobiography ‘Double Talkin’ Jive.’ It looks like former guitarist Gilby Clarke may soon follow suit. During a recent interview he didn’t rule out the idea revealing on the ‘In the Trenches With Ryan Roxie’ podcast.

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“Do I have any plans? No. But it has been brought up. I’ve had people approach me, I’ve had publishing companies approach me. I’m not there yet.

“It’s strange, because Matt’s [Sorum, ex-GUNS N’ ROSES drummer] got a book coming out soon, and I kind of felt like the GN’R thing has been covered well. And I know that there’s more to my life than just GN’R.

“I don’t know, At some point, it might be fun. We have some great stories about pre all of that and after, and we worked with a lot of different people. They’re good stories, I think, for musicians to hear these things of how some of us came up. I didn’t learn to play guitar in school or [through] a teacher — I was just playing in clubs and stuff.

“So, maybe at some point. It’s definitely something in the back of my mind.”

Tomorrow, Gilby Clarke will release the title track “The Gospel Truth”, as the second single lifted from his upcoming album. The first single Clarke released was ‘Rock N’ Roll Is Getting Louder’ along with a music video for the song. Clarke’s upcoming record ‘The Gospel Truth’ is set for release sometime later this year via Golden Robot Records.