John Varvatos Re-Opens Select Stores

Duff, Susan and John Varvatos

John Varvatos Re-Opens Select Stores Following Several Month Shutdown

Rock N’ Roll fashion designer John Varvatos has finally opened select stores around the world. It seems like the company has put in place safety measures including requiring customers to sanitize their hands, wear face masks and book one on one appointments. This is welcome news considering last month the company declared bankruptcy. 

John Varvatos has been having non-stop sales on their website for the past several months.

Check out details on their re-opened stores here.

Rock N’ Roll Inspired Brands Suffer Due To Covid

Rock N’ Roll fashion houses John Varvatos and All Saints who create some amazing pieces and some not so amazing pieces have both filed bankruptcy amid the covid-19 pandemic. A few weeks ago Varvtatos filed for bankruptcy but was infused with capitol from Lion Capital who owns the company now. We’ll see if the same happens for All Saints. You can read more about their respective bankruptcies here (All Saints) and here (John Varvatos).

If you guys remember Velvet Revolver took part in the 2007 campaign for the brand and Axl Rose’s solo band played John Varvatos back in 2010. Just remember, declaring bankruptcy doesn’t mean the business is shutting it’s doors. It’s most likely restructuring and it sounds like from 2015 onwards John Varvatos made some good steps in becoming a profitible company but covid-19 stopped that progress.


How Guns N’ Roses Fell Apart In Front of the Entire World

Today on Rock N’ Roll True Stories I wanted to revisit the time Guns N’ Roses fell apart during their opening gigs for the Rolling Stones back in 1989. Guns N’ Roses opened four shows for the Stones during the band’s comeback record ‘Steel Wheels.” Check out the full story below! In other Guns N’ Roses news a member of the band has revealed he is in the studio working on new music. 

Matt Sorum Pays Tribute to His Father & Brothers

Matt Sorum took to Instagram this past weekend to pay tribute to his father and his brothers as you can see below!

Matt Sorum Shares Photo With His 87 Year Old Mother

Former Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum shared a photo on Mother’s day of himself in Palm Springs with his 87 year old mother. Check out the photo below!

Matt Sorum In The Studio With Billy Gibbons

Former Guns N’ Roses, Cult and Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum posted a new photo on Instagram revealing that he is in the studio with ZZ Top Guitarist Billy Gibbons. Check out the cool photo below! Earlier this week we exclusively broke a story that Matt Sorum was offered a chance to be part of the Guns N’ Roses reunion.

The Public Enemy & Sisters of Mercy Tour

The summer of 1991 was a bad year for concert tours due to the bad economy. It was also the same year that we had one of the strangest concert tours including the Public Enemy & The Sisters of Mercy tour. Check out the full story of how the tour was frought with problems.

Pearl Jam Releases Previously Unseen Unplugged Footage

Pearl Jam fan YouTube channel released previously unseen footage of the band performing in Milan, Italy in 1992. Included in the footage was drummer Dave Abbruzzese who was fired from the band in 1994. Check out the footage below!

Rode Microphone Founder Pays $6M For Kurt Cobain’s Guitar

Rode Microphones founder Peter Freedman revealed that he has bought Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s MTV Unplugged guitar for a whopping $6 million. The guitar was purchased from Julien’s Auctions on Saturday for $6,010,000. Freedman put out a statement saying the following while also shedding some light on the help that the arts need and included a picture of himself with the guitar:

story continued below…

“When I heard that this iconic guitar was up for auction,” I immediately knew it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure it and use it as a vehicle to spotlight the struggles that those in the performing arts are facing and have always faced.”

“The global arts industry has been shattered by the impact of COVID-19, with musicians and artists being amongst the most affected. The last few months were the straw that broke the camel’s back, and for many in the arts have brought forth the harsh reality that they work in an industry for which there is little support in times of need.”

“For most, access to financial and health services – particularly mental health services – is very limited. While many industries are gradually returning to normal, it’s going to take a long time before this industry can begin functioning as it was. The toll this has taken and will continue to take is enormous and requires more than just lip service. It requires action now, and I am a man of action.”

“The arts, and organisations that support the arts, are remarkably undervalued and underfunded by many governments around the world, considering their cultural and economic importance. I saw buying this guitar as an opportunity to not only share it with music fans, but to do so in a way that raises awareness for the struggles that musicians and artists face every day, and lobby governments for change.”