Guns N’ Roses Frontman Axl Rose’s Love Affair Surfaces Online

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Story of His Love Affair With Fan Surfaces On Fan-Site

The Guns N’ Roses Fan Group on Facebook ‘Guns N’ Roses News‘ published an article from Metropolis detailing the frontman Axl Rose’s relationship with a fan from Brazil. It reads as follows:

It seems that Axl Rose really has a crush on Brazilians and it wasn’t just Ellen Jabour who conquered the heart of Guns N ‘ Roses leader. The pernambuco Jane Godeffroy, who lives in Switzerland, lived a romance for over a year with the singer.
It all started in 2012 at a show in Basel, Switzerland. Jane and cousin Waleska Vitorino lived in Lugano, but since they were fans of the band, they went to Basel to follow their performance. Axl was leaving the show house when he met her. He asked the band’s then manager to call Jane, with his cousin, so that they go to his bus to chat.
On the bus, Axl would have confessed that he always saw her at the shows and was delighted by her. Chemistry hit and Axl and Jane were alone on the bus for hours and hours. Just the other day, the singer called the Brazilian to follow the band’s tour of Europe with him, but she couldn’t go because she was with the puppy, Zara, and had no one to leave it with. So they agreed to meet at the end of tour at a Spanish show. There, they enjoyed a party after the show and stayed together again.
′′ Axl always showed wanting something serious with Jane and called us to spend a month in Las Vegas with him. We went and, it’s important to say, we always made these trips with our money. It was all wonderful there once again. Axl and my cousin would get along great He called her Brazilian Switzerland (Swisilian) and called us ‘cousins’. Next year we repeated the dose and went to Vegas again at his invitation “, Waleska account.
But the following year the novel would have cooled, as Waleska and Jane disagreed with a producer (Beta) of Guns N ‘ Roses, also Brazilian, who, according to them, had been chasing them since the beginning of the relationship: ′′ It involved a lot with The people and one day, during breakfast, humiliated my cousin a lot, calling her in words of low slang. She said she wouldn’t accept my cousin having a serious relationship with Axl and that she had already talked to him about it. He would have to choose between her or my cousin “, Waleska said.
′′ We’re family and we don’t accept the way she (Beta) treated us and decided not to go to the next show in Vegas. My cousin sent an email to him telling him everything. We still meet Axl a few years later at another show in Bern. He once again wanted to stretch the night with Jane, but she didn’t notice, because she was already married. Nowadays, they’re just friends and they message on important dates like Christmas and birthday “, Waleska said.