The Axl Rose Scott Weiland feud

Guns N’ Roses Vs Velvet Revolver Feud

Back in 2006 and 2007 there were some bitter words exchanged between Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose and Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland. Check out the video of the feud below!

What’s going on my fellow rock n’ rollers. So Axl Rose’s feud with former Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland is one of his less heard about  feuds. Some of Axl Rose’s better known feuds include Motley Crue’s Vince Neil which I’ve done a video on as well as actor Warren Beatty and his forme rand current bandmates as well… So the first time I ever heard about Scott weiland talk about axl rose was during a 2004 appearance that velvet revolver made on the howard stern’s radio show when they were promoting their 2004 debut album Contraband. Here’s a snippet of the interview where Howard asks the band about their reaction to Axl’s horrendous 2002 VMA Appearance and Scott Weiland gives his take too. Question for the guys from Guns N’ Roses. When you guys saw Axl at the MTV Awards a few years ago with that band and the Buckethead thing were you embarrassed for him. I didn’t see it. You didn’t see it? I refuse to see it..  I Saw it like a year later. Why do you refuse to see it. I was going to school so at the time and having kids at the time and i just didn’t see it. Going to school. What kind of school. Yeah i went to a nice jesuit school. Jesuit? What high school? Yeah right. Thanks Robin. What were you studying What were you trying to learn. Finance. Oh really? You were going to be a business man?

 I’d like to go over my portfolio with Duff. So I saw it a year later. Slash why do you refuse to see it?   Um you know it was one of those things where i got a bunch of phone calls one morning and uh leaving me messages going what was that whole thing about on TV? And I I didn’t know what it was. So I called. Why couldn’t he be with you guys. I don’t understand  I had been gone for a while, Duff had been gone for a while, Matt had been gone for a while. It was over with when it finally ended it was like no turning back kind of thing. When I heard it was an MTV awards and when i heard the reaction from the people who saw it. I didn’t want to leave and have that memory of whatever Guns N’ Roses was. When I left it was still sort of cool. Yeah I think it’s over for that. Our memories are pretty good. It was a great band. Great band. I am a big fan but it does appear that Axl lost his hair and has some sort of hair weave and his voice seems to have been affected by something.  It’s not as strong. And he looks like he had plastic surgery on his face. Oh Dear I didn’t see any of it.. Scott did he. I don’t know there’s something going on with the eye brow part. I’ve been in the best seat in the house for three bands ive been in. Right the Cult with Ian Astbury great frontman, Axl Rose great frontman. Scott Weiland is the world’s greatest frontman right now. He is great. Okay, we’ve got Scott Weiland. Now Fast forward now to March of 2006 numerous band members including Matt Sorum, Duff McKagan and Slash each fell off the wagon while they were in Velvet Revolver and rumors were swirling around htis time that Velvet Revolver was on the verge of breaking up and that Guns N’ Roses was going to reform.. Now those rumors stemmed from a press release who was still waiting on Guns N’ Roses long awaited record Chinese Democracy had actually put out claiming his once former bandmate Slash made an unannounced visit to his home late one night. In the statement Rose claimed Slash was sober and made disparaging commentsabout his Velvet Revolver bandmates claiming that Duff was “spineless” and that he hated drummer Matt Sorum that Scott Weiland was as he put it “a fraud.” Now Rose admonished Slash and Duff for making negative and malicious statements about him in the press in order to garner publicity as part of what Rose claimed was a vindictive attempt to aggrandize their own stature  And rewrite history through false statements. Now it’s important to note around this time that both Duff and Slash were also involved in numerous lawsuits involving Rose over songwriting royalties and missed business opportunities over Guns N’ Roses catalog.. Now Slash would respond to Rose’s statement claiming in his 2007 autobiography that he did in fact go to Rose’s house intoxicated in an effort  to settle the lawsuit since it was costing a lot of parties lots of money. Now shortly after Rose put out that statement velvet revolver frontman Scott Weiland responded slamming Rose advising him to get a new wig before calling him  a fat botox face wig wearing expletive. Now Weiland also claimed that Rose was Unoriginal, uncreative, a little mind, the same mind that had to rely on his bandmates to write melodies and lyrics asking Rose whose the fraud now?


He’d go on to say how many albums have you put out man?.and  how long did it take the current configuration of this so called band to make the long awaited Guns N’ Roses album   Chinese Democracy.  Weiland would continue in a statement how long and without the only guys thatho validated the name. How dare you call our bass player spineless. We toured our album for a year and a half. How many shows have you played in the last ten years? Oh that’s write you bailed out on your long awaited 2002 comeback tour leaving your remaining fans feeling shall we say a trifle miffed . Now Weiland closed the letter calling Rose a frightened little man who once thought he was king, but unfortunately a king without his court is nothing but a memory. 

So about a year later in 2007 Matt Paines of Metromix chicago had recently interviewed Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland and asked him about his relationship or lack of relationship with Axl Rose. Weiland would respond  Oh man i’ve never spoken to him but i’ve gotten messages from him through Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum. They speak every once in a while and I know Axl was a fan of STP back in the early days of Guns.. Now after reading the interview the webmaster of the Guns N’ Roses fansite HereTodayGoneToHell would actually contact Axl Rose’s personal assistant and her response was as follows.  Though Axl spoke with Matt Sorum roughly a year ago there are no messages no messages were given to Matt from Axl for Scott. In fact earlier on the same night Axl ended up speaking with Matt. When Scott saw Axl enter the same club that he and Matt were in, Scott immediately ran out of the club, which Axl’s guests found mildly amusing.  Beyond that nothing. I was the one with whom Slash spoke to when he he came ot Axl’s house  in 2005 And expressed his negative comments about the members in his new band. Behind the scenes it is a very different story than what the public is sold. So in the spring of 2008 Scott Weiland would be fired from Velvet Revolver and following his split with the group he seemed to have a change of heart regarding Axl Rose.So Weiland would be interviewed by Classic Rock Magazine 


And was asked about his relationship with his former velvet Revolver bandmates and brought up Rose saying “right now it’s like a relationship that’s dead in the water where you need space to figure out what’s important enough to last. The band need time out to sit back and let the creative juices flow and also time away to realize what everyone’s part is in why things have gotten to the point that they are at. . Now I’m not saying that im innocent in this but everybody’s at this place where the fing finger is getting pointed  and they are all  pointing the finger at me. . What you think about that. Isn’t it ironic the band is regurgitating the same story that they did with Axl Rose from their last band. Where the lead singer is being demonized. Originally i thought what a troll he must have been, what an evil man referring to Axl, but you know what i have an entirely different opinion of him today. 

So Following Guns N’ Roses reunion in 2016 in a strange twist of fate the band would add the velvet revolver song Slither starting in 2018. Now the parallels of Scott Weiland and Axl Rose’s behavior seems eerily similar. 

If you don’t care then i don’t care forget it. Look at your history for a second so then you leave this f***** Guns N’ Roses.  AndThe coolest band in the world, even the logos and everything else every kid wanted to tattoo it themselves on it. Then you hook up with this guy from what’s his name Stone Temple Pilots  Stone Temple Pilots Weiland Scott weiland who i know and here we go again and you say I believe That that wasn’t even that wasn’t fun. Like at the time when i saw you with you were like yeah man this is great cause  you’re trying to sell it. But you know it was horrible too, but you know all things considered you know i  that was something that i think we knew going into it what we were getting into but we just wanted to play.. The idea of scott came up and I was the only guy in the band who didn’t know scott. I Didn’t know much about his history i heard some crazy stories about STP but you know duff and i were like fresh out of detox right and we thought we can fix this guy. Yeah you know what happened  You got religion. In all fairness to scott he was a mess when we got going but we wrote a couple good songs and but then. But you don’t like him personally. No Actually i like him better not being in a band with him than i do in a band with him.

What went wrong idd you see a lot of axl-isms in it. It was a lot of diva stuff. Uncontrollable diva stuff. Like the separate dressing room again. Yeah like serious rockstar stuff  that i was like what is serious rockstar stuff? Give me an example  It’s when your sense of entitlement is so to the point of being inconsiderate to the  people around you. Does it go from…You can’t work in a group situationYou’ve got crew, you’ve got management  the people in the band and all these people working as a team  You’ve got this one guy whose decided he’s going to dictate what’s going to happen and not even show up. Right so the behavior becomes where is my green tea, why is my honey not here, i can’t find my shoes in the hotel room. I can’t you know Right they are like infants.I’m going to get some coffee and then I’m going to wander down the street and it’s 5 minutes to show time. Just like it’s classic stuff. Does he ever apologize like gee i’m sorry. No you know what happens it’s a chemical thing or something where they just don’t realize they are doing anything wrong. Where does that entitlement come from? Does it come from a mother who never says no. I think it’s just extreme narcisssm. Do the drugs create that? Drugs help. Well they are going to intensify those feelings. Drugs and booze and egos and we all have htem I’m innocent of all this stuff, but there’s an extreme that you can go where it makes everything a miserable process.. That diva stuff i don’t get because i would be embarrassed. You know what i mean. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you show up and you perform and you sort of treat the people around you with enough respect. How do you end that situation. How do you end Velvet Revolver. Like Do you call up Scott and say we can’t deal this anymore. There was i Think we cancelled Australia for the second time. That kind of Have you seen him since/ yeah yeah So That does it for today’s video. Thanks for watching. Be sure to hit the like and subscribe button and as always if you have suggestions for topics you’d like to see me cover.Shoot me an email at Take care