Whatever Happened To the Spin Doctors? The Band Behind Two Princes

The Spin Doctors

Whatever Happened to The Spin Doctors

Today on Rock and Roll True Stories they look at the Spin Doctors who dominated the early 90’s with songs like “Two Princes” and “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong.”

What’s going on my fellow rock n’ rollers. Don’t forget to hit the bell notification icon to be notified every time i put out a new video on my channel.The other day i was listening to howard stern on sirius xm and I’m not as big of a fan as i used to be especially when listening to the horrible celebrity interviews. I’ll usually cycle between Howard Stern’s channel and lithium,, and ozzy’s boneyard, and maybe  hair nation and octane, but he was talking briefly about the spin doctors and hanging out with frontman Scott Barron at a strip club in the early 90’s and it got me thinking oh yeah those guys the spin doctors. They had some huge hits in the 90’s but whatever happened to the band. Stay tuned to find out. 


Lead singer of the Spin Doctors chris barron would move to new york city with $100 and a guitar And would soon set his sights on becoming a successful musician. The spin doctors become massively popular for a few years in the early 90’s  before leaving the spotlight. But did you know the the band stayed together long after that and recorded an album as recently as 2013? A few members of the classic lineup had already come together in a earlier band called formed in the late 80’s in New York City  called Trucking Company which featured musicians chris baron, and bassist mark white as well as guitarist Eric Schenkman. The band also featured harmonicist John Popper who would eventually leave the group to join another huge band which was blues traveller. Trucking company would add a new member which was Aaron Comess on drums . And they would rename themselves the spin doctors by the spring of 1989. And 2 years later in 1991 the spin doctors finally got a record deal with epic records and sony music and that same year they released their debut EP titled up for grabs live which was recorded at  a venue called the wetlands preserve or the wetlands for short, which was  located in lower manhattan. The venue was unique because bands had the freedom to play all night long which led to many late night jam sessions. The venue also donated a portion of all ticket sales to eco charities donating upwards of 1 million dollars during their twelve year run  in 1989 to 2001. And the same year the band also released their debut record A Pocket Full of kryptonite. In the summer of 1992 the spin doctors would reconnect with John Popper as Blues Traveller had put together a music festival that would be inspired by Lollapalooza which debuted the previous year. The tour would be known as the HORDE festival which stood for horizons of rock developing everywhere other groups on the bill include Phish, Widespread Panic, The Samples and Aquarium Rescue Unit. And HORDE would prove to be a success and would carry on for the next seven years and it would also gave the  spin doctors  a massive publicity boost.  The band’s big break though came when MTV would play two tracks off their debut record including Two princes and litle miss can’t be wrong. That fall the band would be also be featured on saturday night live and a number of their other tracks would get the video treatment When all was said and done their debut record went triple platinum and sold 10 million copies in the US and  abroad and the band even made the cover of rolling stone to much acclaim. The magazine said the following about the band their popularity is based on universal rock n’ roll virtues. The Doctors aren’t trying to blaze new trails They know we’ve been this way with the Stones and Curtis Mayfield and a few other touch stones, but the proof plenty of it is in the party.  The Track Two Princes would be nominated for a grammy and become the #1 rock single of 1993  outpacing other tracks by other mega artists including Aerosmith’s Livin on the Edge, Duran Duran’s Come Undone and Nirvana’s Heart Saped Box. 


Chris Barron became known for his clever lyrics telling AXS Online in a 2018 interview I work really hard on the lyrics. I slave over them I practice the way a runner would run.  It doesn’t have to be clever necessarily. it just has to be right. I always point at the song Louie Louie. Nobody knows what the f that guy is singing but it doesn’t matter whatever he’s singing  we know it’s the right thing for him to be saying on that song. In addition to MTV heavily playing the band hollywood came knocking as well. Their cover of the song that’s the way i like it was licensed for the space jam movie in 1995 and there song Two Princes was widely licensed even being featured in an episode of south park in season 21 and the tv showsesame street.  Both two princes and little miss can’t be wrong would also show up on the rock band video game franchise as well . The band even contributed theme songs for seasons 2 and 3  of the TV Show spin city. But Their sophomore record turn it upside down would be released in 1994 and it was a modest success selling around a million copies. The track you let your heart go too fast was the hit of the album reaching #42 on the US pop charts. And the band would tour the album at woodstock 94 and the glastonbury festival.  But the stress of pushing hard over the last  couple years would cause friction in the group. In the middle of a live performance in berkley california, original guitarist Eric Schenkman walked off stage he would leave the band and was replaced by Anthony Krizan who left the band less than 2 years later after their 1996 tour. The group’s third album you’ve gotta believe in something would sell even less than its predecessor and the band was quickly dropped by their label Epic records. This was a challenging time for the band with plenty of highs and lows. In a 2002 interview with MIT’s newspaper the Tech online Barron talked about where the band was at in this point in time saying it’s more of a matter of getting back into where we came from rather than developing. We started out as this bar band this nightclub type of band with this meteoric rise.  i think right now were sort of  getting back to rocking audiences as hard as possible but he would also admit in the same interview that he still loves singing the band’s biggest hit Two Princes saying. I never get tired of singing that tune i know it probably sounds really corny it would probably be more cool to be really jaded and say i wish i had never written that song and i’m so bored of singing it. I’ve sung it a thousand million times but you know I really love that tune I like the melody its a got a really upbeat tune he’d say. By the late 90’s guitarist Eran Tabib would join the group and theygot a new deal with Universal but Chris Barron would lose his voice due to a rare form of vocal chord paralysis during the recording of their 4th record here comes the bride. The vocal chord paralysis was so severe he was given a 50/50 chance of being able to speak again let along singing. Keyboard Ivan Nevile would take over singing duties for a few months But there 1999 tour would end up being scrapped anyways. Barron’s voice would return in 2000 and he spent his time without his voice writing new songs with his old friends from Blues Traveller.  And the spin doctors would take a year off but the news that the wetlands was closing to make room for a condo development brought them back together This was the place where they recorded their first EP together and they played a successful show on September 7, 2001 during the last week the club was open.. The band would get a bit of a boost when their 5th album nice talking to me got radio play with the tracks can’t kick the habit which was also featured on the movie soundtrack for Grandma’s boy and the tracks margarita and nice talking to me . From 2008 onwards the band resurfaced to play one off live shows and the members explored other projects. 

Drummer Aaron Comess released an instrumental record of all his own composition called Catskills Cry, While vocalist baron released the solo records Pancho and the Kid and the EP songs from the summer of sangrai from his band the time bandits as well as pursued a solo career in 2017. And Chris Baron has also been politically outspoken and has been quoted in the media on a number of occasions around a number of different issues. . In 2011 the band geared up for a & UK & US tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut record. And Sony legacy released bonus material on an anniversary album. In 2013 they released their latest and 6th studio album If the River Was Whisky. A few years ago rolling stone magazine would publish a readers poll of the worst 90’s bands  and the Spin Doctors took the number 8 spot, but surprisingly nirvana was also on that  list. Do you guys agree? Let me know in the comments section below That does it for today’s video thanks for watching  be sure to  hit the like and subscribe button.  Put your suggestions for future topics below. Take care