Why Candlebox Owed Their Success To Alice in Chains & Layne Staley


Candlebox Had A Massive 1994 Thanks To Alice in Chains

Today on Rock N’ Roll True Stories they take a look at the Seattle band Candlebox and how they owe their rise in fame to another band from the same city Alice in Chains. Check out the full story below!

Today we take a look at how the Seattle band Candlebox capitalized off the turmoil in Alice in Chains led largely by singer Layne Staley’s personal problems LOVE ROCK N’ ROLL TRUE STORIES? NEVER MISS A BEAT FACEBOOK: @RNRTrueStories TWITTER: @rocktruestories BLOG: www.rockandrolltruestories.com #aliceinchains #candlebox #laynestaley #jerrycantrell 1994 was going to be a massive year for the grunge group Alice in Chains. They toured extensively the two previous years to support their sophomore LP Dirt which sold upwards of 6 million copies. And they would start off 1994 releasing the Jar of Flies EP which topped the billboard album charts which was a 1st for the band and the group was offered a highly coveted spot opening up for Metallica on their summer tour in addition to playing woodstock 94. But it wasn’t meant to be as infighting and drug addiction cannibalized the band as singer Layne Staley slipped back into drug addiction while the band also broke up for a period of 6 months prior to hitting the road with Metallica This resulted in another band named Candlebox stepping in and having a phenomenal year. Stay tuned to find out the full story. The seattle band candlebox found massive success in 1993 with the release of it’s self titled album that summer. The album featured 3 huge singles including You, Far Behind and Cover Me and The album would quickly go quadruple platinum And even though the critics and the music industry detested them they found a loyal legion of fans and by early 1994 they were opening for the likes of Rush playing Madison Square Garden and soon enough Candlebox was headlining it’s own tour with groups like The Flaming Lips opening for them. Wayne Coyne the frontman for the Flaming Lips would tell author Mark Yarm in the book Everybody loves our Town. Cnadlebox wasn’t just a nail in the coffin for grunge, to me they arrived as the coffin for grunge. We toured with them for 3 months at the end of 1994 and at the beginning of that phase they were playing 4 to 5000 people a night. And by the end they were playing giant arenas hockey rinks for the most part that hold 10,000 [people and they are selling them out a couple of nights in a row he’d remember. Coyne would go on to say we saw the clumsiness of their shows and their songs and everything about it seemed damn was this is too much too soon. Candlebox really had nothing he’d remember. You’re probably asking yourself how did Candlebox get so big to the point that they were headlining arenas. Well they can thank alice in chains for a part of that success. Alice in chains drummer Sean Kinney would reveal the straw that broke the camel’s back in the spring of 1994. He would tell author Mark Yarm we were rehearsing at the moore theatre to get ready for metallica. Layne was in a treatment place and we had been rehearsing ourselves. Nobody had talked to him and he had been gone all of that time. He showed up and there were some bad circumstances and it just wasn’t happening. Lost a lot of trust in him, lost a lot of trust in each other for a while too. Alice in Chains bassist Mike Inez shed some more light on what was going on in the band saying everybody points to layne but I gotta tell ya it was all of us. We were doing all kinds of different shit. We had a meeting and it became apparent that we shouldn’t go out on that Metallica tour. It was one of those times where we needed to go hold on a second, let’s not sacrifice our health. Let’s not go and literally kill ourselves. For us to say no to Metallica who were basically our older brothers is a testament of the love we had for each other. Candlebox guitarist Peter Klett would also reveal that in addition to taking Alice in Chains spot opening for Metallica the band also took Alice’s spot at woodstock 94. He would reveal Layne wouldn’t answer his phone. The story I heard is that they call him to leave a message on his answering machine. Then they call back and it’s a different outgoing message so he was obviously fing with them. Because of that we got their slot at Woodstock he’d remember. So where was layne during the weekend that alice in chains was supposed to play Woodstock? Well he was out on a camping trip with his friend Johnny Bacolas in a town named Twisp. Bacolas would reveal that Layne was trying to kick drugs at that time and that’s the reason he went on the camping trip to try and clean up. It was during the trip layne and his buddies went to safeway at 2 in the morning and some kid started badgering the singer. Layne in turn punched the guy and ran out of the store and got into their car and sped away.