Red Hot Chili Peppers Embarrassing Arrest on MTV


Flea and Chad Smith Would Be Arrested During MTV Taping

Back in the early 90’s the Red Hot Chili Peppers appeared on MTV’s Spring Break special in Daytona Beach, Florida. By the end of the taping drummer Chad Smith and bassist Flea would be arrested. Check out the full story below!

In 1990 The Red Hot Chili Peppers appeared on an MTV Spring Break special where they were playing a dubbed performance of their song ‘Knock Me Down’. A day after their performance two members of the chili pepper would be arrested by police and MTV threw the entire band off the set. What happened stay tuned to find out! Back in 1987 MTV launched a new TV program called Club MTV which was a dance show that featured a video of a song and showed some young adults and teens dancing to that particular track. Some episodes of the program also featured live performances by artists as well. And the show was part of the channel’s second generation of programming as they introduced new VJ’s. Hosting the show was Downtown Julie Brown who you can now hear on Sirius XM 90’s on 9. If you’ve ever read the book I want my MTV which is a fantastic read she seems like an absolute nightmare to work with. Getting back to the story. In 1990 the program was in Florida at Daytona Beach for Spring Break and appearing on the show was the band The Red Hot Chili Peppers who were performing a mimed version of their single Knock Me Down from their album ‘Mother’s Album’. Towards the end of the band’s performance as you can see here the band members started swinging instruments around and walk off the stage, more specifically drummer Chad Smith and bassist Flea. What happened next wasn’t shown on TV but it made the news everywhere. According to the local police Smith went into the audience picked up a female, 20 years of age who happened to be a student from Virginia placed her over his shoulders Smith was joined by Flea, who allegedly pulled the woman’s bathing suit bottom partially off and started slapping her behind, according to a local beach ranger. Despite the woman’s repeated protests and attempts to free herself, she was thrown onto the sand.. And following that Flea kneel atop her, start grabbing at her, and demand that she perform a lude act on him, The woman was not seriously injured but was bruised and shaken by the incident, MTV security threw flea and Smith off property of the Texan Motel, which was MTV’s base during spring break. Later that day a warrant would be issued by the police and they would arrest both memebers. Flea, who was 26, was charged with battery, disorderly conduct and solicitation to commit an unnaturaland released on $2,000 bail. Smith, 28, was charged with battery and released on $1,000 bail. All the charges were misdemeanors.,and an MTV spokeswoman, said the performance would be aired the following weekend on the cable channel, but the off-stage incident would be edited out. om/551699 In 1992 rolling stone magazine did a piece on the band and they brought up the incident with Flea remembering “I just grabbed the first thing in front of me; and it happened to be a girl,”. “I picked her up over my shoulder, and as far as I was concerned, she was thrilled as hell. I didn’t know that Chad had spanked her, which was faux pas No. 1. And in spinning her around, I committed a huge faux pas” he’d say Smith told the magazine “They totally tried to make an example of us,” I’m not trying to blame anybody else. But the way it came out was that it was a real malicious thing, that we tried to beat this girl up.” he’d say But Flea would express remorse over his actions revealing: “I did verbally abuse her, and it was wrong,” “I will admit to that every time. I wish I’d never done it, and it was a really stupid thing to do. I was out of control. But I did not assault anybody he’d say And The Florida incident according to the magazine put a crimp in the Chili Peppers’ stage act for a short while as The band’s manager would claim the band soon became a target with the magazine stating ‘But the firestorm of publicity, now combined with the increased glare of mainstream success and the rising tide of conservative moral hysteria, has forced the band to be more vigilant over the long haul about crossing the line between hormonal slapstick and what some people might consider