Queen: The Story Behind The Song ‘Crazy Little Little Thing Called Love’

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Crazy Little Thing Called love Would Be Queen’s 1st #1 Hit

Queen’s single ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ would be the band’s first #1 hit in America. Check out the full story behind the creation of the song below!

I’ve always heard musicians speak about how some of the greatest songs ever written would be created in a matter of minutes or just a few hours. Sometimes if you have to overthink things they are probably not worth pursuing. That’s true for both music and life. Now this was the path that rock band queen followed when it came time to writing their first number 1 hit song in America. Now Queen wouldn’t end up netting their first number 1 hit in America until the late 70’s. The band had just come off the promotional cycle for 1978’s Jazz album, which performed reasonably well. The group was plotting it’s next move following the modest success of 1978’s Jazz. which was criticized by some people for it’s alternating musical style. 


The album also failed to sell as many copies as its predecessor, which was 1977’s  News Of the World. But, what lay ahead for the band? Well, A trip to Germany to work on their eight  album The Game. Guitarist Brian May would reveal in the band’s ‘Days of Our Lives’ documentary. We heard there was this great studio called music land in Munich and we got into this rather indulgent way of just bowling into the studio with no ideas or very few ideas and just doing it from scratch. Now drummer Roger Taylor would reveal how ‘Crazy Little Thing Called love’ would be the first song they worked on the for new  record. 


 The song came to frontman Freddie Mercury while he was taking a bath at the hotel the band was staying at in Munich telling Melody Maker in 1981. Crazy Little Thing Called Love took me 5 or 10 minutes I did that on the guitar, which i can’t play for nuts. And in one way it was a good thing because i was restricted knowing only a few chords. Now Freddie would end up playing the rhythm guitar on the track and during live performances. And before the days of iPhones where you could easily record your ideas, Mercury was worirred of forgetting the song and losing his inspiration So he rushed the band into the studio to start working on the song immediately.  Now Reinholt Mac would serve as the engineer on the album The Game and he revealed how Freddie Mercury was very insistent on how everything had to be recorded very quickly. otherwise guitarist Brian May would as he put it make things take a little longer. And May would reveal to Absolute Radio in 2011 that Freddie wrote the song as a tribute to Elvis Presley and Cliff Richards saying Freddie wrote it it very quickly and rushed in and put it down with the boys. By the time I got there it was almost done. And the sounds Mac managed to get were very elemental real ambient sounds that made it sound big. Everything about it is very original rock n’ roll sounding.  Now wanting to capture the 50’s style of the song, Mac asked Brian May to play a guitar solo using a Fender telecaster instead of his usual guitar the red special with May recalling I used one of Roger’s really old beat up natural wood telecasters. I got bludgeoned into playing it. That was Mac’s idea. I said i don’t want to play a telecaster it doesn’t suit my style.  But Crazy little thing called love was such a period piece it needed a period sound. I tried it and it sounded okay. Now by late february of 1980 crazy little thing called love became the band’s 1st number 1 hit on the billboard single’s charts in America And Queen’s best US showing up until this point in their career was their double sided ‘We Will Rock You and We Are the campions’  single which would peak at number 4 with drummer Roger Taylor recalling We were still making the record The Game and we were out in Munich and somebody came up and said . Hey crazy little thing has gone number 1 in America. Now Crazy little thing would knock captain and tenille’s do that to me one more time from the number 1 spot  and it stayed here for almost a month before being succeed by another british in the wall rock classic pink floyd’s another brick in the wall. The album the game would produce another single in another one bites the dust which also hit the number 1 spot months later October 4th 1980. That concludes today’s video guys thanks for watching. Be sure to hit the like button and subscribe. And as always if you have suggestions for future topics put them in the comments section below. 


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