Pantera: The Dallas Stars Stanley Cup Damage Story

Vinnie Paul & Dimebag Darrell Party With The Dallas Stars

Today Rock N’ Roll True Stories takes a look at the time Pantera partied with the 1999 Stanley Cup champions the Dallas Stars. It would result in a dented Stanley Cup. Check out the full story below!

What’s going on my fellow rock n’ rollers. Don’t forget to hit the bell notification icon to be notified every time i put out a new video on my channel. With the Stanley Cup finals going on right now between the Dallas Stars and Tampa Bay Lightning I wanted to talk about the time the members of Pantera and the Dallas Stars did some serious damage to lord stanley’s cup. 

The NHL Stanley Cup has seen his fair share of abuse over the years. The Stanley cup has a rich history of misadventures and misfortunes include being dropped kicked into the Rideau Canal in 1905 by the original incarnation of the Ottawa Senators. Maurice Rashard once chipped two teeth on it in 1957 while drinking from the cup. More recently following  the Boston Bruins 2011 win, player michael ryder brought the cup to a media event in st. John’s Newfoundland where it fell after being set on a table that collapsed. The end result was that the cup had a  noticeable dent giving him a reason to fit perfectly in with the 1999 Dallas Stars. So what did Pantera have to do with the 1999 dallas stars? Stay tuned to find out. 


Back in 1999 I was in grade 7 an because I was a proud Canadian I was glued to the TV watching the Stanley Cup Finals the Buffalo Sabres were taking on the Dallas Stars and being an Edmonton Oilers 

fan it was in my best interest for the stars to lose. Pantera being from Texas of course were cheering for their Dallas Stars. Vinnie Pauls relationship with the Dallas Stars began 6 years prior in 1993. The Dallas Stars haven’t been around for long. They originally used to be the minnesota north stars who were around from 1987 to 1993 and the ni nthe fall of that year the team moved to Dallas and became the Dallas Stars. You would think hockey would flourish in Minnesota but it didn’t. Poor financial management and battles over business arrangements over where the team played and sponsorships led to their departure to Dallas. 


In the fall of 1993 Dallas stars players Craig Ludwig and Richard Matvichuk were out riding motorcycles together when they stopped by a roadside bar. Ludwig would reveal to that as he headed for the restroom he heard someone shout at him saying “Hey, you’re Craig Ludwig,” the voice said.

Ludwig was taken aback. The team was relatively new in Dallas and not a lot of people recognized him in public..That voice shouting his name was Pantera drummer  Vinnie Paul.

Ludwig would remember “He told me he was a big sports fan, knew that I played in Montreal and won the Cup there. It was a bit shocking,” “But it was also pretty cool that here is a rock star and he’s noticing me.”

 More specifically, brothers Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell were such huge fans of the Dallas Stars they wrote a song for the team called Puck Off, which would play everytime the Stars scored at home. It was during the 1998-1999 hockey season that the Abbot brothers befriended the dallas stars. Here’s an interview with Vinnie Paul from several years ago discussing how the song came to be ago where he talked about how they came up with the idea for writing a song for the Dallas Stars when the 99 team was playing and and reunion arena you were synonymous with the team I really enjoyed your rollin and of course the song still lives but that’s got to be one of your most enjoyable times with sports it is unbelievable every time I walk in in here it blows me away I mean you know my

    so I get to hear his guitar playing every night every time we score gold now back then it was once     

    before every period so it’s very special it’s amazing my buddy Craig Ludwig had a big part to

do with we were out playing golf before the playoffs started with the Edmonton Oilers in 99 and with me Mudd I think Brett Hall was there anyway the lodge has been you got it you got to write a song for it but are you sure because yeah man so me and Tom went in the studio about 10:30 that night we threw

it down I said Lodge it’s in your mailbox if you like it play it if you don’t don’t I walked in the arena and literally five minutes after I was here I heard it blast and I was BA and I was like I got the biggest goosebumps yeah I mean skips platinum records and all that that was exciting that was big so during the. The song would prove to be just the right inspiration for the Stars as they would go on to defeat the the Buffalo Sabers in the Stanley Cup Finals 4 games to 2 despite a controversial triple overtime goal by Brett Hull that clinched the cup for the Stars. Since the series ended in Buffalo, the Stars fans would have to wait a few days to see the Stanley Cup. By the time the Stanley Cup arrived in Dallas ther ewas a pretty large and noticeable dent at the base of the cup. The Dallas Stars spokesperson at the time claimed that the cup had been dropped as the band was celebrating their win in the lockeroom following game 6. Another theory that the cub was damaged at the Dallas-Fort Worth international airport upon the team’s arrival from Buffalo. Then there was the third theory that involved the band Pantera. Late drummer Vinnie Paul confirmed Loudwire telling them how Dallas stars player Craig Ludwig called him telling him if the team wins game 6 they were going to come over to Paul’s home to party. Paul would claim he bought five cases of crown royal. Prior to the Stras showing up to Paul’s house the team went to a bar in Arlington Texas called The Big Apple and then showed up to Paul’s house. Here’s Paul explaining what went down when the team showed up to his house. 

they came to my house and they brought the Stanley Cup and we brought every strip dancer we could find in town and it was the best party you’ve ever seen in about fiveo’clock in the morning we’re all out in

 the pool the hot tub it’s just a party party party and here comes guy carboneau

and he’s got the cup and he’s like and let me catch the cup and he throws it off the balcony and it gets right about to there it goes boink off the side of the pool and into the water and we jumped on it and sink it to the bottom and that thing floats really good because it’s got a big thing on the

bottom of it that holds it and the cup keeper the guy you see on the TV commercial he’s like you cannot do that he stand the cup we’re like we just did it dude so it was it was a pretty awesome him that’s great and the had to prepare it afterwards oh yeah.  There’s been disputes over the years as to who threw the cup.. It was initially disputed who threw the cup whether it was player Craig Ludwig or Guy Carboneau. Both have dneied that the cup was thrown with Ludwig claiming it was passed around on Paul’s balcony and accidentally fell over the railing,, while other witnesses have claimed it was Carboneau who did it and just remember he has a penchant for throwing stanley cups in pools. As a member of the 1993 Montreal Canadians who were the last Canadian team to win the stanley cup, he famously threw it in goaltender Patrick Roy’s pool. 


The Dallas Stars center at the time was a player named Mike Modano who revealed how the members of Pantera were to blame for the team showing up late to their victory parade in Dallas revealing


“We spent a lot of time at Vinny Paul’s house, he was one of the members of Pantera, for about four days straight. That took a little bit of wind out of our sails for a bit. We showed up about an hour late for our parade so it didn’t go over too well with the city and the police that were waiting for us. We thought what the heck, this could be our one and only chance that we have winning it so we’re going to do everything possible that we can. We’d go home and shower and we’d come back. We had to reload the fridge and the coolers that’s for sure. It was tough getting all the cars and anybody who could drive sober to the city so we had to get about 15 to 20 limos taking everybody down, and we finally got down there.

So when it came time for the celebration with the City of Dallas, both  Dimebag and Vinny were also part of the victory parade jamming on top of the floats in head to toe green paint. 

Sadly 5 years later in  2004 Dimebag Darrell was killed on stage by a deranged man while playing with his new band at the time Damage Plan and Vinnie Paul passed away in 2018 due to a heart attack. Following his passing the members of the Dallas Stars and the organization reflected back on how great of a guy he was with Ludwig remembering to

“You just never expect to hear that news… “I guess everyone says that, but I … I just never expected that.” while Guy Carbonneau would say 

“He was just a great guy — a normal guy. He was always fun to be around, but you would never have guessed he was a big star.”

While Stars Captain Darian Hatcher would say 

Former Stars captain Derian Hatcher said he was always very comfortable around Paul and Pantera.

“There was just so much respect there,” “We respected what he did and he respected what we did, and that’s just how it went. I don’t think anyone made a big deal about it, but there was definitely respect for what we were doing.

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