Motley Crue’s Long-Running Feud With Steel Panther

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Motley Crue & Steel Panther Would Feud For Almost a Decade

Today on Rock N’ Roll True Stories, they take a look at the long-running Steel Panther and Motley Crue feud. Check it out below!

What’s going on my fellow rock n’ rollers. Don’t forget to hit the bell notification icon to be notified every time i put out a new video on my channel. It would seem like it made sense. Back in 2011 hair metal bands motley crue and steel panther would go out on tour together alongside def leppard. The end result was a feud that would last almost a decade. So what happened? Stay tuned to find out. Steel Panther is a band that parodies and pays hoeage to the 80’s era glam metal bands with their vulgar stage personas and lyrics and God I love these guys. While the band got along well with Def Leppard on tour, that wasn’t the case for Motley Crue , more specifically bassist Nikki Sixx and drummer Tommy lee who didn’t appear to be big fans of Steel Panther. The members of Steel Panther in the years that followed their 2011 tour have talked about the tension between the groups with frontman Michael Starr revealing in a June 2015 interview that Tommy Lee was and I quote “was pretty upset over the fact we poked fun at Vince Neil. He didn’t like it. He just thinks we’re just a joke, like a stupid joke band that shouldn’t be playing with them. But all their fans like us” he’d say Starr would add that members of MÖTLEY CRÜE simply “take themselves a little too serious,” except for Vince Neil, who “totally loves it.” “You know, he told me, ‘Hey, Michael, when we retire, you can have all our fans,'” Starr would claim. During a 2017 interview Steel Panther drummer Stix Zadina would tell “that the tour with Motley Crue was the only time the band didn’t feel welcome. And in 2018 the band’s guitarist Satchel would tell Meltdown . “There are bands that hate our guts,” “We did a tour a few years ago with Def Leppard and Mötley Crüe […] And Mötley Crüe – they hated us. They wanted to kill us. Every night they wanted to kill us. In 2016 Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx was asked by Music Feeds his opinion on Steel Panther and he responded with the following statement “You know, it’s not my thing. That’s just me personally. I don’t know. It doesn’t feel… I guess a lot of people think it’s funny and they’re kind of a joke band and that’s cool. But that’s not my cup of tea. I kind of take my music a little more seriously” he’d say The comments appeared to go largely unnoticed and it wasn’t until 2019 that things got ugly in the press. During an appearance that Stix Zadinia and frontman Michael Starr made on the YouTube Channel little punk people they were asked who from the dead they would bring back to life and well that’s when things got funny. Zadinia brought up Ray Gillen the former singer of the late 80’s early 90’s group Badlands (which I have done a video on, check it out below). Michael Starr answered, well. Here’s what he said. I would bring back Vince Neil. He’s not, he’s not dead. I’d bring back Vince Neil from back in the day. Oh that guy’s dead, yeah cause that guy’s dead. He’s gone. You wouldn’t bring back John Bonham dude. Oh my God you know what? I’d be too intimidated. And you know he was probably exaggerating a bit. My I feel right. Wet knees. Baby tylenol. girls, girls girls. Ok never mind. Getting back to the story. Nikk Sixx was not happy about the video and he would twee out “The singer in steal panther [sic] with steel spealled STEAL can go f** himself… wanna be band putting down @thevinceneil?” he tweeted. And then later, in response to a Mötley Crüe fan who also defended Neil declaring “No 1 can even top Vince’s charisma,” Sixx tweeted again “That’s why they are aholes. Backstabbers” referring to the guys in Steel Panther. But the band didn’t take it lying down. Stix Zadinia responded after Sixx’s Twitter comments, saying: “Sounds like someone needs some fing attention,” and would later add: “In order to stab someone in the back, you have to have been somewhat cordial to begin with.” And this is my favourite part of the story.