Guns N’ Roses Release Photo of Axl Rose With Huge Pop Star

Axl Rose

Axl Rose Performing With Popstar P!nk From 2017 Surfaces

Back in 2017, Guns N’ Roses performed a series of shows at Madison Square Garden and popstar P!nk shared the stage during the song ‘Patience.’ The band’s photographer Kat Benzova shared a previously unseen photo of Axl Rose and P!nk onstage.

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Slash Talks About First Reunion Show At Troubadour with Axl Rose

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash was recently interviewed in a new trailer promoting the  National Independent Venue Association‘s first-ever #SOSFest which is in a partnership with YouTube. The festival, which takes place over 3 days started last Friday on October 16th and included performances from 25 artists across 25 of the most historic independent concert venues across the US.

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During an interview with Guns N’ Roses guitarist, Slash  who was at the Troubadour he talked about Guns N’ Roses past performances there saying

“Our first GUNS N’ ROSES show proper, that I was involved in, was here at The Troubadour. We really got our start in this particular venue. I remember we had a show here at some point in 1985, where Tom Zutaut from Geffen came down, and that was who we ended up signing with. This is the gig that he saw us play. I remember that gig pretty well. At that point, we were selling out these venues and had a really big word of mouth going and had a really eclectic demographic coming to see us — from hardcore punk rockers to metalheads and glam and surfers. It was a very mixed up kind of audience, but it was great.

GUNS came back and played here in 2016, on April Fool’s, the first show back in 20 years, for me anyway,”  “Once we loaded in and started soundchecking, it was like going all the way back to 1984. Playing ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ here all those years later, it was something that… It’s ineffable. It’s hard to really put it into words what that felt like. The funny thing is we had way more gear that this club really holds. So we basically blew the doors off this place. We just thought it would be fitting to get back together all these years later and start at The Troub.”