Why Aerosmith Fired Megadeth On Tour

Why Aerosmith Fired Dave Mustaine and Megadeht on Tour

Back in 1993, Aerosmith had Megadeth open for them. The trek was supposed to last around 25 shows, but ended after only a handful of concerts. Aerosmith apparently had it with Megadeth’s behavior on tour and fired them. Check out Rock N’ Roll True Stories full video on it below!

What’s going on my fellow rock n’ rollers. Don’t forget to hit the bell notification icon to be notified every time i put out a new video on my channel. Back in 1993 Aerosmith was out on tour supporting their smash hit album ‘Get a Grip.’ Aerosmith was on a career resurgence after a pretty rough period that saw guitarist Joe Perry and Bradley Whitford leaving the group in the early part of the 80’s. The band would reunite in the mid 80’s and a collaboration with Run DMC in 1986 effectively revitalized their career introducing them to a new audience. Following that collaboration the band released a string of successful albums including 1987’s Permanent Vacation, 1989’s Pump and most recenty a the time 1993’s ‘Get a Grip.’ One of the band’s Aerosmith took out on tour with them was the heavy metal band Megadeth. What was supposed to be a 25 date tour with Dave Mustaine and company saw the band abruptly fired after only 7 shows. What happened? Stay tuned to find out.

Aerosmith took out a variety of bands on their Get a Grip tour including the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, 4 non blondes, soul asylum, collective soul and therapy? One of the strangest openers was Megadeth given the band’s different style of music. According to the book Rust in Peace: The Inside Story of the Megadeth Masterpiece Mustaine struggled with addiction and the only reason the band was on tour with Aerosmith is because the band’s handlers thought in order for mustaine to stay sober he should only be on sober tours. Because of Mustaine’s struggles with addiction the band missed out on some big opportunities including opening for Pantera the same year.

Bassist David Ellefson wrote in is autobiography My Life with Deth: Discovering Meaning in a Life of Rock & Roll things seemed to get off to a bit of a rocky start. Two shows into the tour Mustaine was unhappy with how the way things were produced. According to ellefson the band wasn’t getting a soundcheck or sufficient space on stage, meaning the stage setup had no special backdrop or feeling of being a megadeth show. Ellefson and Mustaine felt that they had already paid their dues and they weren’t some unknown group. Aerosmith would typically take on the road. Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler talked to Ellefson and Mustaine directly to smooth things over. And It would turn out that Tyler who had gone through his own addictions a decade prior had offered help to Ellefson at one point prior to the tour who was also struggling with addiction. Remembering that important moment in his life bassist thanked the singer for his help. Tyler was now offering Mustaine any help he needed to stay clean. Things initially seemed to turn around at that point or so Megadeth thought. Mustaine would tell the houston press that assurances made to the band about their sound check, playing time, signage, and stage space, fell short of what he was promised. And Mustaine’s frustrations only grew from there. The interviewer who was at a show in Houston where Megadeth opened for Aerosmith remembered the frontman’s combative and angry attitude in the comments he made to the audience that night.

7 dates into the tour the band was apparently fired by aerosmith.

Megadeth’s label Capitol Records issued a statement at the time claiming the band quit the tour over ”artistic restrictions” Aerosmith didn’t see it that way as Guitarist Joe Perry would tell Entertainment Weekly and hint that the band were wimps claiming
”With Megadeth we thought we had a hard-rockin’ animal…that would lubricate the first 10 rows and get the audience ready for us.”

And Entertainment Weekly supposedly spoke to a person who worked with Aerosmith who claimed it was Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine who was the real reason they were dropped from the tour claiming that Mustaine, was a giant pain in the butt saying ”He would piss and moan and whine,” ”What he was really upset with was that Aerosmith weren’t hanging out with him.”.

Mustaine claimed for his part they walked away from the tour saying “it’s hard to dunk on someone when they’re walking away.”

There were apparently several moments on tour that created bad blood with Aerosmith. According to spin magazine Mustaine allegedly blew his nose into an aerosmith t-shirt that was tossed on stage during a show Another sore point was a radio interview Mustaine’s gave in which.

He said “Yeah, we think we oughta be headlining, but we don’t mind because everyone knows this is Aerosmith’s last hurrah.” Mustaine would tell Spin Magazine that by the time he made those comments on radio they already wanted off the tour. Steven Tyler replied, in the press saying “Dave, we’d like to help you out. Which way did you come in? Ouch

Ellefson would reveal in his book how the band learned about how they were fired saying the band was in lubbock, texas ahead of a scheduled show and went to a local mexican restaurant where the waitress who waiting on their table informed them that she had heard that the band jackyl was opening for Aerosmith that night, not Megadeth. Ellefson felt deflated by the news and by the fact that they had lost several other important opportunities including the ability to tour with Pantera and White Zombie , and had to cancel Japan not once but twice. Ellefson would also claim in his book that it would soon spell the beginning of the end for guitarist Marty Freidman.

And Mustaine reflected back on where the anger came from on that touring during an interview with the houston press revealing

“that was a different Dave… before I was saved and doing drugs.”
He also thinks some jealously played a part in his actions claiming “I wanted my life to be better and I saw that theirs was because they had gotten sober,”. “So, yeah, we were probably a little snotty.” he’d say.

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