Poison: The Creepy Rikki Rockett Impersonator


The Creepy Rikki Rockett Impersonator

Today on Rock N’ Roll True Stories they take a look at the time Poison drummer Rikki Rockett had an imposter running around resulting in the rockstar’s arrest. Check it out below!

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Some people dress up like members of certain
bands and cover their songs, and other people


up as the same band and do bad things under
their name. So what happened with the band

Poison? Stay tuned to find out

Poison is an American glam metal band which
achieved a lot of commercial success in the

mid-1980s through the mid-1990s and they would
go on to sell over 45 million records worldwide.

And unlike a lot of bands from that 80’s era
they never broke up, instead undergoing lineup


Fast forward now to 2008 and Poison’s drummer
Rikki Rocket would be arrested in Los Angeles

at LAX airport as he disembarked from a flight
from New Zealand. The 46 year old drummer

at the time was arrested on outstanding rape
charges as he made his way through customs.

The arrest stemmed from an alleged incident
that happened a year prior in September of

2007 where a Mississippi women residing in
Neshoba County claimed the Poison drummer

forced himself on her. The drummer would put
out a statement on his myspace page following

the arrest saying “I was exhausted from
a 14-hour flight and then was hauled off to

jail .The worst part was having to walk past
my fiance in handcuffs. She had no idea what

was happening and neither did I! When I was
finally told what I was arrested for I almost

passed out” he’d say

At the end of the day Rockett would be exonerated
of the charges as the The Neshoba County District

Attorney dropped the charges after Rockett
was able to prove he was not in Mississippi

at the time of the alleged incident. According
to the drummer he was in LA watching his fiance

try on wedding dresses. It turned out someone
was using Rockett’s name to convince women

to sleep with him. The warrant which had been
issued for Rikki Rockett also listed the named

John Minskoff, but Rockett’s real name is
Richard Ream and the poison drummer has never

used the alias John Minskoff before. The press
of course had a field day with the story and

Rockett would claim that Minskoff was and
i quote a “a violent career criminal and felon

and convicted perjurer with multiple convictions
who has admitted to impersonating rock stars

to pursue women.”He even went on to slam the
press for not googling Minskoff’s name where

they would have come across an alleged event
where Minskoff pretended to be a member of

Whitesnake to kidnap a 15 year old girl.

Following his release, Rockett held an exoneration
party which raised money for Centurion Ministries,

which is an organization that helps those
who have been wrongfully convinced. Rockett.

soon turned his attention to the press saying
in a statement on his myspace page . “I received

undying support from my band, friends, and
fans, but unfortunately, my detractors had

a field day with the story,” I look forward
to serving the press who created defamatory

remarks some healthy lawsuits!” he’d say.
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