Watch Brian Johnson Perform With AC/DC For The First Time in 4 Years!

AC/DC Releases Music Video for “Shot in the Dark”

Today AC/DC released their first music video for their upcoming album ‘Power Up’ due out on November 13th, 2020. The video is for the album’s first single ‘Shot in the Dark’ and it marks frontman Brian Johnson’s first performance with the band in 4 years. Check it out below!

What’s going on my fellow rock n’ rollers.
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new video on my channel. AC/DC’s a band

that has been no stranger to tragedy Losing
singer Bon Scott and rhythm guitarist Malcolm

Young in addition to being accused of inspiring
serial killer Richard Ramirez.

AC/DC would go on to dominate the late 70’s
and early 80’s with hit after hit, but by

the mid 0’s their fortunes had changed.
But by 1990 the band had released their new

album Razor’s Edge which seemed to have
turned their fortune’saround. Razor’s

Edge featured the singles Thunderstruck and
Money Talks as well as Are You Ready.

To support the album the band went out on
a world tour. During a stop over in Salt Lake

City Utah on January 18 of 1991 three fans
were killed and many others injured. Some

flat out blamed the band for what happened.
And Today we explore that tragedy.

The tragic events at Salt Lake City were compared
in the press to The Who’s concert at Riverfront

Coliseum in Cincinnati 11 years prior . During
that show eleven fans were killed while racing

toward general-admission seats as doors to
the 18,000-seat stadium swung open. Following

that tragedy some venues banned general admission
seating or unassigned seating.

The deaths at AC/DC’s show grabbed national
headlines with some placing blame squarely

on the band. So what happened you’re wondering?
General admission or non-assigned seating

was used at the show in Utah. And As the band
started their show Fans began pushing toward

the stage during the opening number. Fans
at front of the stage were trampled to the

floor and crushed by the press of people.
And Some were crushed for more than 30 minutes

while security guards tried to control the
crowd and stop the concert.

The security guards at the venue tried to
signal to the band to stop their show, but

it would take minutes for the band to realize
what was happening. The show’s harsh lights

and ear- shattering decibel levels obviously
make it difficult for the band members to

see anything that happens beyond the lip of
the stage.

Now On the advice of fire marshals and arena
officials, the band resumed the concert after

a 15-minute break, during which rescue teams
attended to the victims. The arena officials

were concerned if the band cut their show
short it could have resulted in a riot meaning

more injured or dead. Most fans at the Salt
Palace that night were unaware of what had

occurred on the floor and might have been
turned to violence had the show not continued.

At the end of the night 3 fans were killed.
Two 14 year old fans and one 19 year old.

One fan died the night of the show while several
days later the two other fans died.

Less than a month after the incident the band
along with their management, as well as the

promoters and venue were named in lawsuits
filed by the family of the deceased. AC/DC

for their part fought the lawsuit trying to
get it dropped saying they weren’t responsible

for security. And According to the LA times
one of the fathers filed an 8 million lawsuit

. The Father’s suit alleged f“willful,
malicious conduct on the part of the defendants.”

And It wasn’t just the family of the deceased
who sued but those who suffered traumatic

memories of the event. And there would be
major settlements reached out of court with

the families of the victims as well as the
survivors. The details of the settlement weren’t

made public but salt lake county claimed their
settlement payment was less than 2 million.

Taxpayers pay the premiums on the insurance
policy as well as thousands of dollars annually

for the maintenance and management of the
Salt Palace. Strangely though the taxpayers

were not affected by the settlement, According
to a spokesperson for the county, The settlement

won’t hike the county’s premiums because the
County switched insurance companies after

the deaths at the Salt Palace.

So you’re probably wondering why do festivals
and concerts use festival or general admission

or non assigned seating at shows still? Well
some bands require it in their contracts.

One reason bands ask promoters to set up their
shows festival-style is because it brings

them closer to a more rabid audience. The
Scorpions, for example, asked in 1991 for

for festival seating in every market that
hosted their tour

Festival seating is also a preferred for smaller
arenas in smaller cities because it saves

money in set-up costs and leaves more room
for paying fans. If general admission seating

were to be banned major tours may not be able
to play in such small cities, promoters have


Several weeks after the awful incident AC/DC
was set to play in Miami and the local paper

asked the question whether fans attending
the show should be worried about their safety.

And for their part concert promoters dispelled
the claims saying they don’t use general

admission and instead use assigned seating.
And differences of the seating aside the show

in Miami added — About 20 extra security
guards, bouncers and ushers were on duty inside

and outside the arena in addition to the security
force of 80 typically policing a show. City

police officers also were also part of the
event. In addition to that alcohol sales were

banned and fans were screened for weapons
and booze.

Here’s an interview with frontman Brian
Johnson discussing the tragedy. Terrible night

terrible nights I’ll never forget it as
long as I live. 3 Fans were trampled to death

in the stampede. At the time AC/DC didn’t
now the full story. And they’re going well

there’s one dead That was it i just sat
in there in tears, Angus was just besides

himself I could see he was welling up and
Mal had tried to hold it together as best

as he could. The band wanted to stop the show,
but were advised to play on to avoid further

chaos. When they later learned that 3 fans
had been crushed to death they were heart

broken. The event was so painful that to this
day Malcolm will not talk about it. I think

what hurt most is that the next day in the
newspaper it was saying band played on while

kids died about them and they had a photograph
of me with a smile on me face. It was just

journalistic opportunity that just went beyond
the bounds of decency. You know I was just

so angry and hurt That does it for today’s
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