Metallica’s Epic Prank On The Cult As Told By Guns N’ Roses Drummer

Ian Astbury

Matt Sorum Recalls Metallica’s Epic Prank On The Cult

Back in the summer of 1989 The Cult opened for Metallica on their Damaged Justice tour. It ended with a pretty epic prank as recalled by former Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum. Check out the story from Rock N’ Roll True Stories below!

What’s going on my fellow rock and rollers don’t forget to hit the bell notification icon to be notified every time i upload a new video on my channel back in 1989 the british band the cult would support metallica on their damaged justice tour metallica was touring their and justice for all album while the cult were coming off the release of their hugely popular record sonic temple which was produced by future metallica producer bob rock the members of metallica had some fun with their tour openers pulling a pretty epic prank on them what was the prank you ask stay tuned to find out

in drummer matt storm’s book doubletalk and jive he talked about the tour the cult did with metallica in the summer of 1989 during a summer gig storm was on his drum kit when he heard a loud thump beside him he used to keep a corona beard next to his drum stool and he would take swigs of the beer between songs sorum would look down to see what fell next to him and it turned out to be a ziploc bag with the pretty frightened goldfish in it it turned out someone from the crowd had thrown it on stage following the gig matt sorum would run into frontman ian astbury’s girlfriend renee who was on tour with the band she got excited at the sight of the goldfish and decided to take care of it naming it lennon sorum would recall how having a fish tank on the tour bus was a terrible idea as water sloshed everywhere leaving puddles on the floor and matt would recall one of the stranger moments involving the fish revealing in his book how the band was chilling on the bus one day drinking beer with the air conditioner on on a hot summer date when renee came in complaining about how lennon was freezing and didn’t look very well astbury would order the air conditioning to be turned off on the bus and him and his girlfriend would take the goldfish to a veterinarian to get it checked out sorum and guitarist billy duffy would wait at a restaurant next to the vet for two hours until renee and astbury would walk in with some good news that the fish had been saved following the visit to the vet sorum would call metallica drummer lars ulrich to inform him of what he was having to put up with on the tour the band would finally arrive in new york city where sorum and astbury would head to the bar of their hotel before renee came running in and crying revealing that the fish was now dead following the news askberry and renee would head to central park to bury the goldfish at john lennon’s memorial and just as a side note it would also be the same evening where matt sorum would meet his future band mates axl rose and izzy stradlin from guns n roses it was also during this time that according to Sorum the cult were on the verge of breaking big sonic temple was a top 10 hit and the band’s single at the time fire woman was doing very well around the world but according to the drummer frontman Ian Astbury seemed to be sabotaging any potential success with this heavy drinking and the weight he had gained both of which affected his voice things apparently got so bad Astbury asked storm to sing some parts of certain songs which apparently caused tension between guitarist billy duffy and asberry duffy even confronted sorum to stop drinking so much with ian and while the heart partying didn’t seem to affect matt’s performances each night he wasn’t fronting the band the band’s final gig with metallica would take place in portland and for sorum it was completely normal for bands to mess with each other on the final dates of their tours and that night in oregon was no different sorum would recall in his book we went out on stage and i couldn’t help but notice that ian really did look like [ __ ] maybe even he was aware of it by that point because between songs he started muttering a whole bunch of bitter remarks and alienating the crowd with rude british jokes no one understood didn’t exactly help that from the very onset large chunks of the crowd were against us for the simple reason that they were there to see metallica the next moment sorum would see all the four members of metallica walking up on stage dressed like ian with pillows under their shirts to make it look like they had a belly on top of that metallica’s roadies would hurl stink bombs on stage in addition to talcum powder and soon enough the members of the cult would look like ghosts and smell like rotten eggs and to finish things off metallica’s crew were standing on the lighting truss above the stage and dumped literally hundreds of goldfish onto the cult according to sorum rene did her best to come on stage and save as many of the goldfish and drummer lars ulrich would reveal to rolling stone how they actually pulled the prank saying i love the cult but when we had them with us for the whole summer of 89 one unnamed band member had a girlfriend who brought around goldfish in little bulls one day the bus driver forgot to turn on the ac and the fish basically boiled and the girl effing lost it so for the show in portland we bought out the local pet store and for two minutes rained goldfish on their set the unnamed member and his horrified girlfriend were trying to pick up the flopping fish their drummer matt sorum started eating them he’d remember and that does it for today’s video guys thanks for watching be sure to like button and subscribe we’ll see you again tomorrow on rock and roll stories