The Doors: The Creepy Ghost of Jim Morrison

Jim morrison ghost

The Ghost Of Jim Morrison May Have Appeared In A Photo

Today on Rock and Roll True Stories they take a look at the time The Doors frontman Jim Morrison possibly appeared as a ghost in a photo taken at his grave in Paris, France. Check out the video below!

With Halloween tomorrow I wanted to talk today and tomorrow about some rock n’ roll themed stories. This is a story that dates back to 2009 and it made headlines everywhere. The center of the story was a self proclaimed rock critic and what others have called a photographer named Brett Meisner.Not a lot is known about Meisner, but we’ll get more to that in a bit. In 2009 he released a photo of what appeared to be the possible ghost of the late Doors frontman Jim Morrison. Stay tuned to find out the full story. 


The Doors frontman Jim Morrison would die in 1971 in Paris, France under mysterious circumstances. Now there’s been two versions of events I’ve heard of this story. One story claims that in 1997 Meisner and his assistant were in Paris, and visited the site of Morrison’s grave. . During their visit they snapped some photos of the grave. The other story that’s been attributed to Meisner claims that it was musician Tom Petty who took the photograph. Now keep in mind Meisner claimed he didn’t start working in hollywood in 2002, so it’s odd that he would know Tom Petty in 1997, but i just wanted to point that out. 


Jim Morrison’s grave site in Paris is one of the most popular tourist hubs and contains the remains of other famous celebrities including Oscar Wilde. During normal times it’s estimated that almost a thousand people visit the grave site each day. At one point the French government even considered moving Morrison’s grave at the end of his lease in 2001 as sometimes crowds became disrespectful and unruly around his tomb.


Meisner had forgotten about the photos he took at Morrison’s grave until almost half a decade later when in 2002 one of his assistants showed him a photo from the grave visit. Upon inspecting the photo closer Meisner noticed something out of the normal. If you look at the image as you can see here, you can see a hazy or ghostly image in the background. Some believe it was the ghost of Jim Morrison. 


According to Onstagemagazine Meisner was quoted as saying

 I’ve collected a lot of rock and roll memorabilia over the past few decades soI figured he was playing a joke on me but once we found the negative and made larger prints it was quite clear to all of us that we had something odd and unique on our hands 


While the incident brought Meisner a lot of publicity and notoriety, he now regrets visiting the grave. He would claim to the Daily express that his marriage fell apart, a close friend of his died of a drug overdose. In addition to that he claims people would come to his home at all hours of the night to pass on messages to Jim Morrison while others would let him know that Morrison’s ghost is also haunting them. 


He would state“At first it was sort of interesting to see how many people felt a spiritual bond with Jim and the photo, but now the whole vibe seems negative,” 


Morrison for his part believed in ghosts. If you’ve read any books about the Doors or seen Oliver Stone’s movie about Jim Morrison then you would know

Morrison believed he encountered the ghost of a Native American after being witness to a car accident when he was a youth. It would be that accident that stayed with the singer for years and even showed up in the Doors music. The lyrics to the Dors song “Peace Frog” features the lines, “Indians scattered on dawn’s highway bleeding, ghosts crowd the young child’s fragile eggshell mind,” 

Meisner would have the photo analyzed by dozens of paranormal and photographic experts who deemed the photo to be authentic but none of them could really explain what was going on. There have been some people who would be skeptical of what they saw in the photo claiming it had something to do with a ray of sunlight playing a trick on the human eye. 

The photo would even show up in the book In a book called Ghosts Caught on Film 2: Photographs of the Unexplained, 

So what did Meisner do to deal wit hthe bad luck? He would employ a spritual advisor after a close friend told him the photograph he was in posession of possibly came with a curse. Meisner was even trying to find a private organization to donate the photo to, but no one would take him up in the offer. In 2010 Meisner would pass away in his sleep.