The Rolling Stones Canadian Political Scandal

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones Canadian Political Scandal

Back in 1977 rock band the Rolling Stones would find themselves involved with a Canadian scandal they had no intention of wanting. Check out the full story from Rock N’ Roll True Stories below!

What’s going on my fellow rock n’ rollers. Don’t forget to hit the bell notification icon to be notified every time i upload a new video on my channel. One of the biggest political scandals in Canadian history involved the band the Rolling Stones and it happened over 4 decades ago. Now granted as Canadians we’ve had some huge political scandals that have shaken the country to its core. If you’ve read the paper or seen Canadian news recently our current prime minister seems to be involved in scandal after scandal, but perhaps my favorite scandal was one we had a few years ago called elbow gate. Our Prime Minister elbowed a member of parliament as you can see here and went on to apologize not once, not twice, not three times, but four times in the same day and our news cycle spent days and days on it. So you’re maybe wondering, why am I bringing this up? Well his father Pierre Trudeau was also prime minister of Canada in the 70’s and 80’s and he had a big scandal involving his wife and the Rolling Stones. What was the scandal? Stay tuned to find out.
Back in 1977 The Rolling Stones had a pretty ambitious idea. They wanted to fly unannounced into Toronto, Canada play two secret gigs to a room full of Rolling Stones fans, record the performances and then fly out without many people finding out. The Stones would settle on the El Mocambo nightclub to do the gigs. The club’s booker would pencil in the venue’s calendar on march 4-5, 1977 a band called April Wine to buy them some cover. The band that was set to open for April Wine would be a group called The Cockroaches, which was the alias the Rolling Stones were using. Now on the day of the first show the band would rehearse upstairs and soundcheck. Anybody who walked by the club during that time probably thought they heard a Rolling Stones cover band. Who would’ve really thought the Stones would’ve showed up to Toronto unannounced anways?
There was then the last part of the puzzle which was the most difficult part. Getting fans to the gigs without knowing they were going to see the Stones.
The band’s management would team up with a local radio station called CHUM FM which held a contest asking listeners what would you do to see the Rolling Stones? Duff Roman who was the person behind CHUM FM would recall to the National Post.
“The plan that we constructed, was to have a contest: ‘What would you do to see the Rolling Stones play live?’ This way we could select the 300 top entries and guarantee that real fans would be there for the event. The prize would be a chance to see April Wine at the El Mocambo nightclub. People wrote in and we cherry-picked the best ones. As you might expect, there were lots of nude Polaroids. When the band came in to judge the winners, they slipped the photos into their pockets and took them home” he’d say.
The Stones were in Toronto for a week during the two secret shows and they stayed at the Habor Castle Hilton. It was during this stay that Keith Richards was busted for drug possession a few days prior to their shows. Now it wasn’t exactly the type of news coverage they were hoping for, but it wouldn’t be the end of the bad press coverage as we’ll get to in a bit.
Now the radio station chartered a dozen or so buses and told the winners of the contest to meet them at the radio station where they would then be driven to the venue. Roman would remember “I got onto the mic on one of the buses and said, ‘I have some bad news. There’s a change to the show tonight.’ People were disappointed and started to boo. I continued: ‘Along with April Wine, you’ll also be seeing a band called the Rolling … yes, the… Rolling Stones!’ And for a moment, people sat in utter bewilderment. Then there was a lot of cheering and shouting when they realized where they’d be going.”

Now keep in mind Margaret Trudeau and her husband Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau had a 30 year age gap between them and she was never a fan of the media attention or political life and one story mccleans described how once, at Harrington
The night the Stones played their first concert it was coincidentally the pair’s 6th year wedding anniversary. Rather than spending time together the pair were apart. Margaret was spotted both nights at the Stones shows at the El Mocambo night club and would be staying at the same hotel as the band, albeit 10 floors apart. She would arrive both nights in the company of singer Mick jagger and guitarist Ronnie Wood. And the public would soon learn that Margaret’s relationship with her husband was in shambles and unbeknownst to the public was that they were already separated at this point in time.
Later that night according to MaLeans magazine she went to a Stones party back at their hotel. One guest would tell the magazine . “She really pooped the party,”Nobody could relax.” and she was accompanied by security as well.. When the Prime Minister’s office was asked to comment on her appearance a Trudeau spokesman simply said “It’s her private life, and she’s on record as saying she wants to lead it the way she wants to.”
It was alleged in the media and by those in attendance those two nights that Margaret had in fact had a relationship with Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood. In fact in Wood’s biography he would reveal a 1977 encounter with as he put it “a lovely dark haired women at a Toronto Hotel.” He would go on to say “from the moment i met her we spent as much time together as possible. No one in the band judged me for what i was doing but they recommended i be cautious. We both knew it was something that couldn’t have a future but we shared something special for a short time. He would also describe the woman as the world youngest first lady” which was probably a dead give away that it was Margaret Trudeau. However, in Margaret’s book she denied any sort of relationship with any members of the Stones.

And following the Stones gig in Toronto she would hop on a flight and head to new york with some friends to partake in some photography she would claim. While in New York she was greeted by a barrage of reporters who asked her about her marriage, which she declined to comment on. At one point she was handed a copy of the new york post by one of the reporters which showed a photo of the Trudeau’s with the headline TRUDEAU’S WIFE IN HIDING, she would throw the paper it into a row of seats in front of her saying“I say f— to all those papers,”“My husband knew, my secretary knew … I behave as myself always.” Later that night Trudeau and one of her friends went to the plaza hotel , where they were joined by the Stones’ guitarist Ron Wood. The ad press didn’t end there as the New Daily News
wrote in a column: “Ron Wood … is Mrs. Trudeau’s very special Stone—and you can roll with that one … He can probably tell you more about where Margaret is staying than maybe even the Prime Minister” it would read.
Many in Trudeau’s political party, the liberals, viewed Margaret as a liability to her husband’s political career. One would state . “The nation’s at stake here! You can’t have the PM’s wife hanging out with the Stones, for crissakes, when you’re at 41% in the polls. Another would state: “It sure doesn’t hurt Jagger. The only one who gets hurt is Trudeau.” The quality of the Trudeaus’ marriage is a matter of endless Ottawa speculation— and much concerned pessimism” the article would state

Not all the members of the Stones were enthused about the publicity as drummer Charlie Watts would tell the press “I wouldn’t want my wife associating with us.” That does it for today’s video guys thanks for watching. Be sure to hit the like button and subscribe. And as always if you have suggestions for future topics let me know in the comments section below. Take care.