Alice in Chains Tragic Tour With Van Halen

Alice in Chains Tragic tour With Van Halen

Alice in Chains toured with Van Halen for almost 6 months back in 1991 and 1992. While the tour was a dream come true for Alice in Chains, it also introduced the biggest enemy in Alice in Chains story as a band. Check out the story by Rock N’ Roll True Stories below!

What’s going on my fellow rock n’ rollers. Don’t forget to hit the bell notification icon to be notified every time i put out a new video on my channel. Back in 1991 and 1992 an up and coming Seattle band named Alice in Chains were at the forefront of an explosion of alternative rock music. Their debut album 1990’s Facelift had been a slow burn but started to gain momentum in the Spring of 1991 following their hit single “Man in the Box’ blowing up. I’ve done a whole video on Man in the box. The link is down below in the description box. Alice in Chains got some pretty high profile touring slots opening for metal bands Slayer, Anthrax, and Megadeth in 1991 on the Clash of the Titans Tour despite being poorly received in some markets. One of the other high profile touring slots Alice in Chains got offered was to open for Van Halen. While thetour had a lot of light hearted moments and would create long lasting friendships it also was sadly the beginning of the end for the Seattle band. Stay tuned for the full story. Following the success of the Man in The Box’s music video on MTV, van halen frontman sammy hagar wanted to have the band open for them from August of 1991 to January of 1992 with some breaks sprinkled in between. Hagar would tell the seattle post intelligencer “I Said let’s find a cool new band that needs exposure. I was watching MTV and saw man in the box” video. Layne Staley is one of the greatest new singers today. “ At the same time however, Hagar would admit that band’s like Alice in Chains also made him insecure as he would reveal to Sirius XM here: do you ever do that? do you ever look back in hindsight and go God i am a little bit freaked out by the new guy or I am a bit nervous about it or are you in a comfortable place. Oh I am in a total comfortable place now. But when you’re like in van halen in the 90’s when grunge came along you know. Right. That was freaky man you know because i was looking at these guys and we were sort of the glam rock we were dressed up and dressing like girls and stuff you know i mean c’mon you look pretty fin fabulous. And Motley Crue Poison and these guys. More hairspray than me. It was more fun dressing like that than the way i dress right now. I’ll tell you that but then when grunge came and they were like down and dirty and funky and Nirvana comes along. They made me nervous. These guys are going to disrespect us. You know they are going to look at you know and say yeah your done buddy, but it didn’t happen. I was so insecure about it, that i invited Alice in Chains with their first album, their first single when they had ‘Man in the Box’ to open for Van Halen. They came out on the whole tour with us and I’ve been dear friends with Jerry Cantrell since then, but that’s how insecure I was, I said no let’s get them on the damn show so that way their fans know that we’re cool and we’re giving them. Holy man that’s kind of genius, yeah, but it came out of fear.

Yeah it came out of fear, a little bit but not bad fear, but nervousness. I get it. It came out of a nervousness, but then also kind of an intelligent one because I bet it worked. Oh it did. Oh, they did really good. Business was good and i made a friend out of it. You know Still friends with him? Oh yeah, Jerry come down to Cabo for my birthday bash every year.

Every friggin year. Oh I can only imagine. It was a dream come true for the members of Alice in Chains as according to the book Alice in Chains the untold story by David DeSola, singer Layne staley saw Van Halen between the ages of 10 and 12 and according to his stepfather Jim Elmer that was Layne really took an interest in music .Ready to go on stage opening for his and and he’s standing in my pit with Valirie next to him and Wolfie in her arms and he’s got his guitiar on and he’s like just running scales and he’s like lik