How Rage Against The Machine’s Guitarist Tom Morello’s Mother Defended Rock N’ Roll

Tom Morello

Tom Morello’s Mother Created An Anti PMRC Group In 1987

Today on Rock N’ Roll True Stories they take a look at the anti-PMRC (Parents Music Resource Cenre) group Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello’s mother (Mary) created. She was a staunch supporter of the first amendment and went to bat for rock n’ roll bands and rap groups. Check out the full story below!

What’s going on my fellow rock n’ rollers. Don’t forget to hit the bell notification icon to be notified every time i upload a new video on my channel. I’ve talked a bit about about the PMRC or the parents music resource centre on my channel. They were a politically active group who wanted to censor music as the hicago times would state by pressuring record companies, radio stations and music stores to stop producing, playing or selling recordings it considers detrimental to children. They are responsible for those parental advisory stickers you see on albums. . A few months ago I was working in the field a lot and driving a lot as well and I’d usually listen to Howard Stern, and Lithium. Tom Morello of RATM has a show called one man revolution where he plays some of his favourite songs.. Sometimes on the show he would have his mother on, who must be in her 80’s and 90’s and during one of the episodes i was listening to he revealed his mother was part of a group called Parents For Rock and Rap. To be honest I had never heard about ths group before. They were the anti-PMRC. Stay tuned for the full story. The PMRC was founded in 1985 by four women known as the “Washington Wives” – whose husbands were prominent politicians in Washinton D.C. The women who founded the PMRC are Tipper Gore, wife of Senator and later Vice President Al Gore; Susan Baker, wife of Treasury Secretary James Baker; Pam Howar, wife of Washington realtor Raymond Howar; and Sally Nevius, wife of former Washington City Council Chairman John Nevius. Keep in mind there is no law in the united states that requires record labels to put parental advisory stickers on their albums. They agreed to put them on voluntarily. But lets face it, the whole plan backfired, record store owners would claim it was a selling tool. Sprouting up two years after the PMRC was the anti-censorship group Parents for Rock and Rap The group was founded by Tom Morello’s 62 year old mother at the time Mary Morello and it was based out of her own apartment. Mary was working as a high school teacher in Chicago when she quit her job to start the organization. The anti-censorship group would campaign for rock and rap artists not just in the US, but all around the world. Why did she decide to start the organization? She would tell the chicago tribune “I’m a free person,””And I really believe in freedom.””The purpose of music is to be enjoyed, not censored. Young people should be able to listen to any music they like, regardless of their age. I always tell them that if you want to keep listening to the music that you enjoy, starting today you have to learn to fight back. If you don’t fight for your own freedom, no one’s going to give it to you.” One of the biggest fights For the organization started in 1990 when she started a campaign on behalf of rap group 2 Live Crew. The novelty of an old white women campaigning for a black rap group wasn’t lost on her. At that time the rap group was heavily criticized for being sexist with their music. The state of Florida even discussed banning their 1989 album as nasty as they wanna be because it was deemed too obscene to even warrant a parental advisory sticker. I’ve done a whole video on this if you wanna check it out. As part of her campaign she would appear on a local Detroit radio station ito speak against censorship of the band. ” As Mary’s profile rose she began to send out newsletters on the topics of censorship and even teamed up with other groups fighting for free speech. By the mid 90’s membership in her group grew to almost 1000 people and had members in countries outside of the united states. As the Chicago Tirbune would report in 1995, many of the group’s members were younger adults who didn’t have children. The organization soon made other enemies apart from the PMRC, which included the American Medical Association, The PTA (or the parent teachers association) and of course congress. To summarize, all these organizations were in favor of music censorship in some way and were concerned about the impact of music on America’s youth.