Blues Traveler: The Shocking Arrest Of John Popper

John Popper Blues Traveler

Blues Traveler Singer and Harmonica Player John Popper’s 2007 Arrest

The rock world was shocked at the 2007 arrest of Blues Traveler frontman John Popper. Check out Rock N’ Roll True Stories video on the arrest which included guns, drugs, night vision goggles and more!

Blues Traveler is a band that dated back all the way to the late 80’s and hit mainstream popularity in the middle of the 90’s. They would become best known for their songs Hook and Run Around.

By the 2000’s the band was no longer on a major label and they would release records on a variety of independent labels. Led by frontman John Popper he didn’t look the part, in fact he was the anti-thesis of what people thought a rockstar was. and people were even more surprised by his shocking 2007 arrest. Stay tuned to find out the full story. In 2007 stories spread online that John Popper and his manager had been arrested in Washington State for speeding on interstate 90 near Ritzville going 111 miles per hour. State troopers arrested Popper’s manager for reckless driving and they also smelled drugs and arrested the singer for possession.

The state troopers then searched the vehicle and found a cache of weapons stashed in hidden compartments within the vehicle. The troopers recovered a total of 14 weapons including a switchblade knife, nine handguns and four rifles. It didn’t just end there as the vehicle also contained a taser and night vision goggles. In addition to that Popper’s car was equipped with flashing emergency lights, a siren and an external public address system. Now it’s important to note that all of the firearms found by state trooper’s in Popper’s vehicles were legally obtained, registered and stored in a manner that complies with state laws.

So where was Popper going and why was Popper packing so much heat and had so many modifications to his car? Well Popper and his manager were driving back home to Washington State after visiting Austin Texas and the pair liked to visit gun ranges during long road trips. Popper is an avid gun enthusiast and told troopers he collected weapons and had so many rifles and modifications to his vehicles because he wanted to be prepared in the event of a natural disaster. He would tell Glide Magazine I wanted to build a Batmobile in my car. (laughs) And the real answer I tell people is if there’s an earthquake, people are getting the f**  ** outta my way. But I didn’t want to say that to a cop. Popper and his manager were charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. The possession charges were misdemeanor in Adams County where Popper was arrested. Popper was also facing federal charges for possessing a vehicle with hidden compartments. Popper would reveal to Glide magazine that he was possibly moving from Texas to Washington as he referred to the day he got arrested as “moving day” A washington state patrol spokesperson put out a statement to the press saying “The sheer amount of weapons and the modifications to the vehicle are not something we see everyday,” The misdemeanor charge related to the pot were dropped a few months later if Popper avoids getting caught for at least a year, These kinds of agreements are common in misdemeanor drug cases in the county. The whole ordeal cost Popper $16K to get his car back according to the interview he gave to Glide Magazine he revealed a funny story of what happened the next day saying The next day I get in a limo to go to the airport and there’s a 44 magnum in the backseat ‘cuz the limo driver wants to sell it to me. So I get to the airport and everyone is looking at me…like they caught me doing something very wrong. So here I am famous for something that I wasn’t even trying to be famous for. Bottom line — you don’t do 111mph. You just don’t do it.