Guns N’ Roses Member To Give Exclsuvie Interview This Week

Guns n' Roses

Richard Fortus to Talk to Slash’s Bandmate Todd Kerns

It was announced this week by Conspirators bassist Todd Kerns that Guns N’ Roses guitarist Richard Fortus will be interviewed by him. Posting on his website

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On January 7th 2021 (feels good to say that) at 2pm PST on my YouTube channel, Todd Dammit Kerns Talks To… Richard Fortus from Guns N’ Roses,” begins Kerns. “Richard is an amazing talent and a great man. I’m honored to have Richard as the first guest of a new year full of hope and optimism. Here’s to 2021 being the best ever! See you Thursday! Artwork, as always, by the ever amazing Scooter Magee! CHiPs – Ponch and John! The musical no one necessarily needed but, let’s be honest, now you can’t wait to hear it.”

Last month Kerns interviewed Duff McKagan 

Axl Rose and Slash Give Interview From Rockline

27 years ago today Guns N’ Roses members Axl Rose and Slash gave their last interview together on Rockline. They were on the now defunct program on January 3, 1994 promoting their latest album at the time ‘The Spaghetti Incident.‘ Check out the interview below along with our look at the controversy over the Charles Manson cover of ‘Look At Your Game Girl.’

now by late 1994 guns and roses were another victim of the change in the rock scene and while many people think that alternative rock and grunge were responsible for the group’s disappearance and demise that wasn’t even remotely true. Guns and Roses would wrap up their two and a half year long 192 show Use Your Illusion tour in July of 1993 and many people consider 1992 and 1993 to be the peak of alternative rock but remember back then guys guns n’ roses were still playing and selling out stadiums not just arenas all across the world and making tons of money Now Guns N’ Roses death was ultimately their own doing following the band getting off the road in the summer of 1993 the group’s took some time off to rest and put out a covers album in 1993 called the spaghetti incident The album found little fanfare because it was barely promoted and the band didn’t tour behind it and the spaghetti incident was meant to tide over fans until the band could release their next album of original material. And Guns and Roses would start working on new material in early to mid 1994 and in Axl Rose and slashes final interview together in January of 1994 on rock line the frontman would claim the band would release an album of new material most likely in 1996 and looked to record a lot of ideas until then. Now throughout 1994 the band would try to assemble to write new material but guitarist slash and frontman Axl Rose as well as bassist Duff McKagan weren’t on the same page as to what the band’s next record should sound like. Slash had written almost a dozen songs with drummer Matt Sorum and rhythm guitarist Gilby Clarke, but Axl and Duff rejected the songs thinking they sounded too southern rock. Now happening the same year it was a rhythm guitarist Gilby Clarke who joined the band three years prior in 1991 as original guitarist Izzy Stradlin’s replacement was fired from the band by frontman Axl Rose without consulting the rest of the members. Now Rose would replace Clark with his childhood friend Paul Tobias who was from Indiana and co-wrote the Guns N’ Roses song back off [ __ ] which was found on user illusion 1 slash disagreed with the change as him and Tobias didn’t seem to click. By the end of 1994 Axl and slash were barely on speaking terms and most of their communication was done through management . The producers of the movie interview of the vampire would end up approaching the band about possibly recording a cover of The Rolling Stones song sympathy for the devil. Slash was a huge fan of both the Rolling Stones and novelist and Rice who wrote the book, but both members Axl and slash had to see the movie prior to agreeing to get in the studio again.

Now slash wasn’t a fan of the movie and according to him it bored him to tears while Axl personally loved it but slash saw is an opportunity for the band to get the creative juices flowing and hopefully re-entered the studio once the cover was done to record new material slash would write in his memoir the only upside I saw to signing off on it was that it would accomplish what we’ve been unable to do to any degree in the past 7 months. It would actually get all of us into the studio now once the band agreed to cover the song the recording sessions didn’t go as planned. Frontman Axl Rose never showed up while the other members of the band were in the studio.

It would be Duff McKagan slash and drummer Matt Sorum who would go into the studio together at the very beginning to record the instrumental track Axl wouldn’t show up until a few weeks later to record the vocals and slash would refer to the song as a very uninspired track.

Axl Rose would also have some feedback for slash about his playing on the song telling him he wanted to redo his guitar solo to sound exactly like Keith Richards playing on the original track slash would recall in his book Keith’s playing is so awesome on that song that I didn’t even want to come near it, but I did and after doing so it left me feeling even more pissed off than ever. To make matters worse when slash heard the finished recording of the song he noticed that Axl had gotten guitarist Paul Tobias to put answers or his own solo on top of slashes guitar solo which further infuriated the guitarist The song would finally be released in early 1995 and would be the band’s last recording to feature slash Axl and Duff McKagan together.