Guns N’ Roses Member Joins Supergroup!

Gilby Clarke Joins Supergroup & Releases New Song

Gilby Clarke joined Supergroup Halloween Jack who released their cover of the Stooges punk rock track “Search And Destroy”, which appeared on the band’s 1973 record “Raw Power.” In addition to Gilby Clarke, the band consists of drummer Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction), bassist Daniel Shulman (Garbage), and vocalist Eric Dover (Jellyfish). Dover also played with Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash in Snakepit in 1995, fronting the band.

Check out their cover below!

The Time Guns N’ Roses Offended People on Live TV

Today on Rock N’ Roll True Stories they take a look at the time Guns N’ Roses won two awards at the American Music Awards in 1990. A very drunk Slash and Duff accepted the award and unleashed several profanities on Live TV and had a hilarous interaction with the press afterwards. Check out the full story below!

I have a question for you guys. Do you feel like I do? These music award shows just feel so scripted and predictable. There’s no rebels anymore who feel volatile on live TV. That’s what made the late 80’s and 90’s rock n’ roll so exciting for me. In today’s episode we go back to the 1990 American Music Awards when Guns N’ Roses won multiple awards and it soon became one of the most controversial nights in award show history Stay tuned for the full story. In January of 1990 the American Music Awards aired on ABC. That night Guns N’ Roses were nominated for two awards, both of which they won. Even though their debut record Appetite for Destruction was released in 1987, they were still nominated three years later in 1990. One nomination was for Favourite Heavy metal/Hard Rock Album which saw them go up against Aerosmith and Skid Row, two bands which they would tour with and the other nomination was for Favourite Heavy metal Hard Rock Artist, which saw them go against Motley Crue and Skid Row.

In attendance that night to represent Guns N’ Roses was guitarist Slash and bassist Duff McKagan. From the moment the pair hit the red carpet it was obvious they were heavily under the influence. The show was being broadcasted live so when Slash and Duff took to the stage heavily under the influence, the top-hatted guitarist unleashed a bunch of profanities as you can see here. Guns N’ Roses Appetite for Destruction. What do we say? Alright, Listen. God, we didn’t even expect this it’s like come down hang out at the show and stuff so i thought we’d come down and hang out it’d be two hours and shit. Have a drink on us. Thank you very much. Guns N’ Roses. Alright. What do we say? Alright. Listen I want to say a couple things i didn’t get to say the last time. Right I want to thank ooops oops Doug Goldstein, Alan Niven. Alright Tom Zutaut for finding us, Alan Niven for getting us there. Um Doug Goldstein.

Of course things didn’t just end there. When Duff and Slash were whisked backstage to talk to the press more hilarity ensued as you can see here. Your audience’s perception of you. They think we drink a lot they think that we slam a lot of drugs they think this they think that. It’s this big media thing. Right. It’s all your guys fault. That’s why he can’t get a girlfriend. No. That’s very funny there’s no bar here. Funny like peculiar or funny like.. We’re drinking wine. It’s a very fine wine, but spetzer i think. Yeah man we hang out we go in we jam we hang out, it’s like and we listen to rap records and now were doing this stuff you know.Our audience is the only thing that made us happen. Geffen’s great and stuff and but You think when you’re 15 or 16 and stuff and what you’re influenced by.

Like when I was 15 it was Aerosmith and stuff and blah blah blah so you think how’s this song going to affect a kid. So what was the reaction of ABC which broadcast the award show? Well they claimed they were hit with numerous viewer complaints following the award ceremony. According to the Stephan Davis book Watch You Bleed he would claim that Dick Clark whose production company was behind the American Music Awards was furious and the profanity laden speech made the papers in new york and los angeles. According to the book Watch You Bleed, teh band’s then manager Alan Niven was summoned to their label Geffen Records office and told to get better control over his band or they would be dropped from the label. Personally i don’t know how much truth there is to that story since Guns N’ Roses made Geffen so much money and the publicity probably didn’t hurt record sales. In 1991 Slash would be interviewed by Rolling Stone Magazine who brought up that appearance at the award show. The guitarist said the following about the incident What happened was i got a call the day of the show asking if i wanted to go. Someone from the band needed to accept if we won. So me, Duf and our girlfriends all got drunk and flipped on down there after a stop at Carls Juniors. We had thrid row seats and the show was just really cheezy and boring. We were smoking and drinking wine and all of a sudden we won this award. We weren’t ready for it. I don’t know what i said on stage, but there weren’t too fany f’s in it. Then we went backstage and i met lenny kravitz which was cool,