Why Foo Fighters Dave Grohl Turned Down Tom Petty

Dave Grohl Was Offered Drummer Spot in the Heartbreakers

Dave Grohl would tell politically correct radio host Howard Stern last week that he was offered the drummer spot in Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, but turned down the offer. Why? Find out in today’s video.

I was listening Howard Stern’s interview with Foo Fighters last week. They have a new album that came out this month called Medicine at Midnight and they’ve been doing the talk show circuit. One of the things frontman and guitarist Dave Grohl discussed with stern was how he got an offer to join Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in the mid 90’s. He even performed with them, but what happened and what did Tom petty think of Kurt Cobain? Stay tuned for the full story. Nirvana would come to an abrupt end in April of 1994 following the death of frontman and guitarist Kurt Cobain. Grohl would take many months off from music as he was reeling from the death of his bandmate and friend and pondered what he may do next.

By October of 1994 Grohl would take some of the songs he had written over the past few years and head down to Robert Lang studios in Seattle and record them over the span of a week playing pretty much all of the instruments, with the exception of one guitar solo that Greg Duli of Afghani Whigs did on the song X-Static. That week long session resulted in Foo Fighters first album. A month after Grohl recorded the Foo’s first album, he got a call from Tom Petty who was scheduled to play Saturday Night Live on November 19, 1994. Tom Petty’s band the Heartbreakers had recently lost longtime drummer Stan Lynch and needed someone to fill in so he ofered Grohl the spot and he agreed. According to the book The Dave Grohl Story Petty had seen Grohl play drums during Nirvaa’s MTV Unplugged set and was impressed. In fact Petty counted himself a fan of Nirvana telling the sydney herald in september of 1994 “I particularly loved his music,” “When one of his songs came on it just hit you – it was so good and there won’t be any more. “I didn’t know him. I’m just sorry it happened.

He was really my favourite and it just sort, of leaves a big gap. “I grew up in the 60s so it’s an old chant – and a boring one I’m sure for young people – but there was a lot of great music then and, although every decade brings in a few good things, I thought Kurt Cobain kicked the door open in a big way.” in late 1994 Petty was promoting his second solo album at the time Wildflowers. All of the Heartbreakers had played on the album except Stan Lynch who was replaced by Steve Ferrone. That night on Saturday Night Live Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers performed the song “Honey Bee” and You Don’t know how it feels” with Grohl behind the drum kit.

Following that gig Petty called Grohl and offered him the drummer’s seat with the former Nirvana drummer revealing to stern last week “We had so much fun and we all got along so well,. “Afterwards he was like, ‘Man, that was good. It would be a shame if that’s the only time we do it’ sort of thing. And then he called me at home and he was like, ‘Look, here’s how we do it: You get your own bus and we don’t tour too hard … If you’re into it, come out and let’s do it for a little while.’” Grohl said he had just started Foo Fighters and thought it would feel “weird” to get back behind a drum kit revealing “It would have just reminded me of being in Nirvana.

It would have been sad, for me personally. It would have been an emotional thing to be behind the drum set every night and not have Kurt there. “So I was like, ‘Nah, f**k it. I’m gonna try this other thing.’” Petty would enlist drummer Steve Ferone who played on Wildflowers to be the band’s new drummer and he would remain the band’s drummer for the rest of Petty’s career. Since their gig on SNL Petty and Grohl remained friends and Gorhl even joined petty on stage in new york city in 2006. Petty also appeared in Grohl’s 2013 documentary Sound City and performed on the soundtrack.

Following his passing in 2017 Grohl said the following about the musician to rolling stone in 2018 “I saw him maybe a week before he died,. “I saw his last show, and it was f***** wonderful. It was exuberant and beautiful and happy and sounded amazing and the band was better than I had seen them in a long time and…and then he’s gone. It’s hard to believe he’s gone, but fortunately we have his music.”