Guns N’ Roses Duff McKagan to Release “Lost Album”

Duff “Punk Rock” McKagan to Release 1982 Lost Album

An unheard album that Duff McKagan of Guns N’ Roses recorded with one of his early bands “the Living” will get a release date on April 17th. The super punk rocker revealed the lead video for “Two-Generation Stand” with today’s announcement. SO PUNK ROCK!

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McKagan 17 when he joined the band as their guitarist. The Living’s lineup included singer John Conte, bassist Todd Fleischman, and drummer Greg Gilmore. They played a number of shows around Seattle and even recorded a collection of seven songs, which were lost until Gilmore recently found them. Gilmore would put out a statement that read

“The Living was the beginning of all things Seattle for me — a turning point in my life,” “I joined a band and a community. These guys are still my brothers. I’ve cherished these recordings since the days we made them. This record is a fantastic document of a loaded moment. I love it.”

The band was only together for a few months but they did get some high profile touring spots opening for Canadian punk rockers D.O.A in both Vancouver and their hometown. Soon after the band fell apart Duff McKagan headed south to Los Angeles and hooked up with Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy Stradlin and Steven Adler to form Guns N’ Roses.