Why Jackyl Went to War With K-Mart


Why Jackyl Went to War With K-Mart

Today on Rock N’ Roll True Stories, they take a look at the time southern metal band Jackyl went to war with big box chain K-Mart. Check out the full story below!

he bands who dominated the rock charts at the time heavily consisted of alternative rock acts singing about social causes or the harsh realities of life. Jackyl, didn’t takes themselves so seriously as they’re a southern metal band who sang about the pleasures of life including sex partying and having a good time. Their musical themes seemed to be more in line with the glam metal bands of the sunset strip than the pacific northwest. But not everyone was happy with Jackyl including major retailers like K-Mart who had an issue with the band’s debut album. I mean these guys were so bold they had a song called she loves my expletive. But being the badasses they are, Jackyl didn’t take it lying down and got revenge in a very timeless way. That’s what were going to talk about in today’s video. Jackyl hailed from Kennesaw, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. The group’s music was heavily influenced by the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd and AC/DC. They soon developed a reputation for being hard partying animals andit sometimes landed the band in trouble. Frontman Jesse James Dupree was arrested in 1993 for dropping his pants on stage and fined $1,500. The same year Dupree posed for playgirl in their sexiest rockers issue it and while photos probably earned the band some more female fans it also cost the group an important business deal. Director Penelope Spheeris who directed Beverly Hillbillies, was in negotiations with Jackyl to write and perform the film’s title track. After the magazine photos got published Spheeries pulled the plug on the deal. It was hypocritical given that actress Erika Eleniak , the actress playing Ellie Mae, was the Play boy Playmate for the Month in July 1989. Dupree would tell the Morning Call “I don’t understand why it is worse for a man to pose naked in a magazine than a woman,”. “I was told I wasn’t the right image. That would be OK, except … Penelope obviously didn’t hold it against her (Eleniak) for getting naked in a men’s magazine.” In addition to that Bon Jovi a refused to have the band as an opening act as well. Jackyl would sign with Geffen Records in the early 90’s and the label would put out their self titled debut record in 1992. The record would go platinum, thanks in large part to five singles all of which charted in the top 40 on the mainstream rock charts in America including the lumberjack, i stand alone, down on me and dirty little mind. And when will it rain Released in the summer of 1992, the band’s debut record’s lyrical themes and cover art was deemed too indecent for Kmart to sell the album The band didn’t take the move lightly, taking a flatbed trailer into the parking of of a Marietta Georgia KMART where they performed an afternoon concert in june of 1992. The band would film the video for the single I Stand Alone during that show. Dupree would tell the morning call in 1993 “,the bottom line is, this parental advisory sticker s— sucks,” D. “I mean, hell, young people can turn the TV on and see the damndest stuff. And they can read the newspaper and watch the news. But they go in to buy a rock ‘n’ roll record and they can’t buy it because they’re not 18 years old, that’s stupid. That is pure ignorance” he’d say. Ex guitarist Jimmy Stiff would tell Legendary Rock Interviews what went down the day they filmed the ‘I Stand Alone’ video.: We announced on the radio that we were going to be there, indirectly, and we played ‘til the law came and shut us down. They told Jessie if he could get everybody to leave without starting a fuss, they’d let us go, so he got the cop’s bullhorn and said, “Cops say we have to leave… see ya’ll across town…” Everyone left, we left, took the party elsewhere. Today, on the way here (The Georgia 120 Tavern & Music Hall), we drove by the scene of the crime, that old K-Mart. It’s not a K-Mart anymore.:

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