Metallica: The Parents Who Tried To Name Their Kid After the Band

Swedish Couple Tried to Name Their Kid After Metallica

A Swedish couple over a decade ago fought with the Swedish government to name their child Metallica. It was a pretty big waste of tax payer money, but an entertaining story nonethelss. Check it out below!

As much as I love rock n’ roll I don’t think the idea of naming my child after a famous rockstar or rockstar ever came into my mind. But I remember around the time my first child was born one of hte most popular baby names was Axl. I stumbled up on this story and couldn’t believe why naming your baby after one of the biggest metal bands in history would cause such controversy, but let’s explore that in today’s video. This story dates back to 2007 in Sweden. CTV news perfectly summarized this story by saying “Metallica may be a cool name for a heavy metal band, but a Swedish couple is struggling to convince officials it is also suitable for a baby girl.” Parents Michael and Karolina Tomaro would be locked in a court battle with the Swedish government over whether Metallica was a suitable name for their daughter. Under Swedish law, both first names and last names require approval by the government. Offensive, unsuitable & inappropriate names, as well as those that could be and i quote “cause discomfort for the one using it” cannot be used. Officials at the time determined that Metallica was “inappropriate” because it’s the name of a heavy metal band and is too closely related to the word “metal.” The story would make international headlines at the time and the babies mother who was 27 would tell the press and i quote “It suits her, “She’s decisive and she knows what she wants.” She also referred to the Swedish government’s handling of the case as and i quote “ugly.” Despite the fact that there baby was only 6 months old during this dispute and was baptized the Swedish National Tax Board refused to register the name. The parents for their part contended that the prolonged legal battle resulted in disruptions to their travel plans because they couldn’t get a passport for their daughter. The couple would take the Sweden tax authority to court over the dispute and was backed by the County Administrative Court in Goteborg which ruled in March of 2007 that the government had no valid reason to block the name. It pointed to one woman in Sweden who already had Metallica as a middle name. The tax authorities at the time planned to appeal to a higher court, frustrating the family’s foreign travel plans. But due to the international outcry, the swedish authorities would back down and not carry out their appeal and let the family name their child metallica. Metallica’s mother would tell a local newspaper “Several people suggested I should move to where they live, because then our daughter wouldn’t have any problem in being named Metallica,” That does it for today’s video guys thanks for watching. Be sure to hit the like button and subscribe and as always if you guys have suggestions for future topics let me know in the comments section below. Take care.